President calls for strengthening protection measures to prevent covid-19

"All mass activities are suspended. We must strengthen protection and surveillance measures, a responsible government and a conscientious, disciplined people. A disciplined quarantine, community, family. I ask it for the health of all, of our country, it is not much to ask. Let's collaborate, stay at home. Wear the mask, never be missing ”, was the call this Sunday from the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, recalling that a week of radical quarantine begins this Monday.

He called on the authorities to deploy in Caracas, La Guaira and Miranda, to reduce the cases of infections, which in these entities have risen considerably and the presence of the Brazilian variant was detected, coming from the Amazon (Manaus).

He reported that it is the states of La Guaira, Yaracuy, Miranda and the capital of the country, Caracas, where more cases are reported per 100 inhabitants and released the figures, namely:

  • La Guaira 151 cases x 100 inhabitants
  • Caracas 87 cases x 100 inhabitants
  • Yaracuy 31 cases x 100 inhabitants
  • Miranda 26 cases x 100 inhabitants

He said that 10 countries in the world account for 85% of the world's vaccines. “We continue fighting to rescue the money from Venezuela, 300 million dollars. We wait for the first 120 million to buy the vaccines, but they continue to be kidnapped by the English Bank and the Bank of Portugal ”.

He again denounced that the Bank of England is holding the money to buy vaccines against covid-19 from the Venezuelan people. “We have signed all the necessary documents with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) so that the 300 million dollars that the Bank of England is holding are released to be able to acquire more vaccines, but with or without sequestration of resources, the vaccines will arrive for the people of Venezuela ”, he sentenced.

Maduro assured that of the 100 Russian Sputnik V vaccines that arrived on February 13, 70% has been applied to health personnel and added that this week 100% of the vaccination will be completed, of this first batch.

The second dose will be carried out with the second shipment of 100 doses of Sputnik V that arrived in the country this Saturday, he said.

He ratified that this Monday, March 8, the vaccination with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, intended for health personnel and teachers, will begin.

President Maduro reiterated that in April the mass vaccination of the entire population will be carried out.

The studies continue

"Venezuela is evaluating the scientific and medical experiences developed by other nations such as Cuba to fight against Covid-19," said the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Gabriela Jiménez, this Sunday, who explained that the vaccines that currently applied in several countries are a response to the production of Sars-Cov2 mutations.

He pointed out that the drugs applied in mass immunization are part of a first stage to reinforce antibodies. A second generation, he said, will surely serve for a better response of the organism to mutations.



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