Another cruise quarantined in Norway for coronavirus

A cruise ship carrying more than 200 people docked on Wednesday in a Norwegian port and ordered to keep everyone on board after a passenger from a previous trip tested positive for coronavirus upon returning home to Denmark.

Bodoe Mayor Ida Pinneroed told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that the 85 SeaDream 1 crew members will undergo diagnostic tests and that authorities are in contact with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to determine whether the 123 passengers also should. "We take the situation very seriously," said the mayor.

The Norwegian company that owns the ship, SeaDream Yacht Club, said that the former passenger had no symptoms of covid-19 during the previous trip and that he traveled home from Tromsoe on August 2. The person underwent a routine virus screening test upon arrival in Denmark and tested positive Tuesday.

Passengers who traveled with the infected person should be isolated for 10 days, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said. The ship's new journey, along the Norwegian coast, began on August 2 in Tromsoe and stopped in Bodoe, 200 kilometers (124 miles) south.

"We sincerely hope that there is no covid-19 on board and we are not aware of any other guests or crews who are infected or have any symptoms, but we are taking all necessary precautions," SeaDream Yacht Club said in a statement.

Meanwhile, 44 people on another Norwegian cruise ship, MS Roald Amundsen, tested positive for the virus, nine passengers and 35 crew members, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health reported Tuesday.

It is unclear how that outbreak started. The Hurtigruten cruise line stopped all its travels after it learned of the first coronavirus case, and Norway closed its ports to cruises for two weeks.

Hurtigruten ships are often used as ferries and stop at various ports on Norway's west coast. Some disembarking passengers may have spread the virus to local communities. / AP



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