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Music world mourns death of Omar Geles, legend of vallenato

The death of Omar Geles, one of the pioneers of the vallenato genre, shocked the world of entertainment and music, not only in his native Colombia, but also in countries like Venezuela.

The composer, singer and accordionist, author of the hit 'The Paths of Life', died last night (Tuesday, May 21) at the age of 57. He died at the Erasmo Clinic in Valledupar, a city considered the world capital of this music, after suffering a heart problem while playing sports, according to EFE.

The Spanish agency also highlights that after the announcement, a crowd gathered in front of the medical center where Geles died to sing his songs.

Archive photograph of the Colombian singer-songwriter. EFE

Sadness and shock among his colleagues

The sad news immediately caused several prominent figures in the Venezuelan and international artistic milieu to unite in pain to pay tribute to the legacy of Omar Geles through emotional words.

Among Venezuelans, Luis Silva was one of those who took to social networks to say goodbye to the King of vallenato in 1989. “I had the honor of recording #LosCaminosDeLaVida in llanero rhythm, with one of the best composers of recent times: @omargeles . Up there my God awaits you to receive you with open arms and sing your best poetry with his angels. Fly high brother. Folklor vallenato of mourning,” the Barin singer wrote on Instagram, who shared a video recording with Geles.

“God welcome you to a heavenly feast”

The singer-songwriter Juan Miguel, for his part, highlighted: “The sudden departure of Omar Geles, a music institution in Colombia, is very, very unfortunate news. Composer, singer, very talented and representative with all the honors of the beautiful Colombian land and all its culture. From here a hug to his family and all his followers. May God receive you with a heavenly party,” he expressed in his stories on the aforementioned social network.

Former baseball player and singer Antonio “El Potro” Álvarez also expressed his regret for the departure of Omar Geles, who recalled with a video the moment in which they both shared the stage. “Thank you for so much love, affection and loyalty all these years with me, my life brother @omargeles. I have a pain in my soul for your sudden departure; Until yesterday we talked and laughed. What a joke, my brother. I love you, may God rest you in his holy glory. Blessings to his beautiful family,” were his emotional message.

Condolences to his family and to all of Colombia

Singer and concert producer omar henry He was also affected by the news of the departure of the artist, born in Mahates (Bolívar, Colombia), on February 15, 1967.

“Today I want to dedicate my deepest condolences and all my love to the family and friends of the great Omar Geles, who in life was a great friend, composer and one of the most impressive and valuable talents in music. My condolences to Colombia as well and all the strength to those closest to me; I will remember him with his music and with all his talent. As I always say, the great ones do not leave, but fly a little higher to always stay in our midst based on his great legacy. See you always namesake!”, highlighted the maracucho in one of the two posts he dedicated to him on IG.

Until a new meeting

On the international level, figures such as Carlos Vives and Felipe Peláez were disconsolate with the departure of the former member of the famous group Los Diablitos.

“It is not easy to accept that an artist like Omar Geles, with so much talent, with so much joy, with so many stories to tell, with so much love for people, has suddenly left. I could tell you many stories of a truly fraternal artist, without egoism and loved by everyone. I'm going to miss you, dear Omar, rest in peace. We continue on the paths of life until we meet again”, were part of the moving words that the interpreter of songs like 'Robarte un kiss' or 'I was born again' dedicated to him.

“I will remember you happy”

Your compatriot Felipe PelaezFor his part, he noted: “I find it difficult to assimilate your departure, my soul brother. I still can't believe it. So much music and good moments shared, the hope and dream of becoming singer-songwriters under your teaching and nobility. My career found unconditional support in you, we always count on each other and that is not forgotten. He flies high, dear brother; "I will remember you happy, with unmatched talent and a spark of creativity."

Maren García, the wife of Omar Geles, also made her pain evident, who left a heartbreaking message in an Instagram story: “Love of my entire life, you left me without you. I have no strength, love. “You took it all.”

Screenshot: Instagram @maren.garcia

Immense musical legacy

Omar Geles and his partner Miguel Morales created the group Los Diablitos in 1985, which became very popular in Colombia and other Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Paraguay, with romantic vallenatos and hits such as 'Los Caminos de la Vida' and 'Como le Pago a'. my God', reported EFE.

In those years, Geles was also the winner of the Vallenata Legend Festival in the semi-professional category in 1985, Rey de Reyes Semi-professional in 1987 and Rey Profesional in 1989. He was also second in the Rey de Reyes Festival in 1997.​

In 2004, after separating from Morales, the artist changed the name of the group to La Gente de Omar Geles, with which he remains active to this day.

Geles' last performance on stage took place last Saturday (May 18) at the El Campín stadium in Bogotá where he participated with other artists in the massive concert by fellow vallenato artist Silvestre Dangond.

Some more data

That night he took the stage for the tribute 'A blanco y negro', in which, along with other Vallenato artists such as Elder Dayán, Karen Lizarazo, Gusi, Penchy Castro, Rafa Pérez, Diego Daza and Churo Díaz, he sang alongside Silvestre.

“You don't need an introduction, everyone knows the immense love I feel for you and your songs. Half my career is in your hands, black. I adore you, my black man, I love you,” Silvestre Damgond said to Geles that night when thanking him for having inspired him with his compositions and his music.

Silvestre Dangond recorded several songs authored by Omar Geles, such as 'A Blanco y Negro', 'Las Locracies Mía' and 'I like it, I like it'. The artist has not yet commented on the death, but he changed his profile photo on Instagram for a black and white one in which he appears melted in a hug with Geles.

Omar Geles left an enormous musical legacy as a composer of songs, among which are also 'Tarde lo met', made into a hit in the 90s by Patricia Teherán and the group Las Diosas del Vallenato'.

Geles also created hits like 'Don't try' and 'I can't live without you', recorded by Diomedes Díaz; 'The paths of life' and 'How I pay my God', performed by Los Diablitos; and 'Four roses, recorded by Jorge Celedón, among many others.

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