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'Purple Rain', Prince's masterpiece, celebrates its 40th anniversary

Considered by critics as one of the key albums of the 80s of the 40th century, 'Purple Rain', Prince's masterpiece, and his sixth studio album, turns XNUMX, claimed by critics and the public, with a sound as valid as on the day of its launch, reported EFE.

'Purple Rain' was released on June 24, 1984 and meant the definitive consecration of Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016), who together with his band The Revolution surprised the world with an eclectic album, full of different influences and that managed to integrate practically all the fashionable styles of the time, such as rhythm & blues, rock, pop, or even hair metal, but always with its unmistakable funk style.

The album was the culmination of an ascending career that began in 1978, when the artist was 19 years old, and used the momentum gained by the album '1999' (1982), which attracted the attention of the industry.


'Purple Rain' brought Prince to stardom, who at the age of 26 achieved his first number 1 on the charts with 'When Doves Cry', after which 'Let's Go Crazy' also reached the top of the charts. However, the eponymous 'Purple Rain' could only reach second place on the charts, despite being one of his most recognizable songs today.

It meant the triumph of a young man with a very androgynous and sexually charged image at the head of a multiracial band, in the midst of the administration of Ronald Reagan's conservative government in the United States.

With him, in addition, he began a reign that would continue with works such as 'Around the world in a day' (1985), 'Sign 'o' the Times' (1987), or Lovesexy (1988), in one of the most prolific eras. of the author, who also had time to give the promising Bangles their first big hit, 'Manic Monday' in 1985.

Number 1 in albums, singles and box office

'Purple Rain' was also a transmedia product, launching shortly after the movie of the same name, which grossed more than $68 million at the box office. The story, loosely based on Prince's life, tells the life of a young musician in Minneapolis who struggles to survive with his band in a hostile environment, against his competitors.

The film was the first of several appearances by the singer and multi-instrumentalist as an actor, who also assumed the role of director in other productions, as occurred in the sequel 'Grafitti Bridge', from 1991.

It was the case that the artist reached number 1 at the box office, at the same time that he reigned in the charts for both albums and singles, during a week in which 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', 'Karate Kid', 'Ghostbusters' and 'Gremlins', in August 1984.

A legacy that continues

Forty years later, 'Purple Rain' is considered one of the essential works to understand the music industry of the 80s, the first great compositional milestone of that young man from a broken lower-class North American home.

The album was reissued with extra material in 2017, a year after the singer's death from a fentanyl overdose, in the midst of a particularly productive time for the author.

On the occasion of this anniversary, his bands The Revolution and New Power Generation will offer tribute concerts to their former líder, accompanied by their old friend Morris Day, who will also offer a show in their honor.

In addition, the film has been re-edited with improvements in image quality, and an adaptation will hit theater stages in musical format, with no release date yet.

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