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Lilimar Hernández, the Venezuelan who came to “Intense Mind 2”

The young woman who voices Val Ortiz, in the original version of the film, was born in Margarita

Dynamic, daring, dedicated, smiling and expressive are some of the attributes of Lilimar Hernández, the young Venezuelan actress who is making her way in Hollywood with her voice.

“Cleopatra in Space” (Dreamworks), “Bella and the Bulldogs” (Nickelodeon), “Knight Squad” (Nickelodeon), “Hubie Halloween” (Netflix) and more recently “Inside Out 2” (Disney Pixar), are some of the titles where the interpreter stands out. In each of her dubs she prints ferocity and sweetness, while she uses her entire body to recite her dialogue in front of the camera. Although her image is not seen.

At 24 years old, this young woman, whose eyes are her great attraction along with her Spanglish, resembles an imposing feline. Characteristic that she conquers and enchants.

Although he was born on June 2, 2000 in the “Pearl of the Caribbean” (Margarita, Nueva Esparta), his Latin accent screams Cuba and he is child in Miami, Florida, an epicenter of migrants from the island country.

Even when speaking Spanish, his English is interspersed, for example: he changes the Yes to “yea” or the then/so to “so.” As if that were not enough, his mix of cultures and knowledge of languages ​​does not end there, since speaks fluent Korean.

Born under the sign of Gemini, she lived in Margarita until she was six years old, when she traveled to Miami where she settled with her family. At nine years old she began taking acting lessons. After the opportunity to play the intrepid Sophie in “Bella and the Bulldogs” (2015-16), she moves to Los Angeles with her mother and grandmother. In the emblematic city she is influenced by the entertainment and fashion industry. Her parents are of Cuban origin.

A connection with cartoons

The comics were her first connection with acting, and in fact, “The Powerpuff Girls” led her to become interested in this profession. Her favorite was Buttercup.

“Since I was little I saw 'The Powerpuff Girls' and all these little dolls that I liked. I always pretended to be one of the characters, I invented my own, I gave them their lines, I liked to dress in my mother's clothes from time to time and do shows... When I arrived in the United States and I was able to see what the industry was like, I told myself : 'this is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life'. I loved it, I felt happy doing it,” she stated in an interview with Famous Birthdays.

To get roles in big studios, patience, not having expectations and good energy were and still are key for Lilimar, who little by little continues to achieve success in such a competitive industry.

By the way, regarding her arrival to the Disney and Pixar project “Inside Out 2”, in which she lent her voice to play Valentina “Val” Ortiz, she comments that it was a complete surprise and that she did not expect to be chosen.

“I sent my audition and said 'well, I did my job as best I could, let's wait', then my manager called me and told me it was for 'Inside Out 2'. In that type of process it is like that, I continued doing auditions, one forgets, the matter is left in the hands of the universe. When I got the call (that he had met) I was speechless,” he said in another interview with Onda La Superestación.

However, he had already worked for Disney+ on the animated series “Baymax!“, that tender and huggable giant who starred in “Big Hero 6” (2014). Her character, in the animated series inspired by the classic, was Sofía, a preteen who deals with her hormonal changes.

Versatile aesthetic

As a fashion fan, Lilimar wears any aesthetic that inspires her and in the pleasant company of her group of friends. Full glam, mob wife, street fashion, beach, sporty, casual, flirty, all these trends are discovered in her Instagram post.

Extravagant or simple, like a catwalk model, the actress does not repeat outfits nor does she skimp on capturing her fabulous moments so that they remain frozen in time.

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