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“Haikyu the battle of the garbage dump” is as entertaining as it is motivating

On the volleyball court, two teams will measure their potential in the adventure that shakes emotions

Crows and cats measure their skills on the court in “Haikyu the battle of the garbage dump.” The animated film, which premiered in theaters yesterday, is a continuation of the popular series.

For those who are disconnected from the context that precedes the film, the story shows the progress of the protagonist in his dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. Also the importance that he gives to being the best while he learns from the experts and takes refuge in his desire and faith to get ahead. Trust will be vital in this journey of improvement and challenges. His rise will finally be experienced on the big screen.

For those who have never seen an episode of the animated series, the first minutes of the film may be somewhat confusing. But understanding that the objective is to attract new fans to be interested in the chapters already presented in streaming, it is not at all difficult to connect with it.

In fact, the script is so well structured that the first minutes review each of the players. They also delve into the personal relationship that has been created between them.

And this is precisely the great attraction of the film, because although they are discovered as rivals on the field, the ties that unite them are also exposed. Likewise, their emotions, fears and frustrations, making it clear that beyond competition there is history between them.

Starts the match

In the plot, Karasuno High School passed the preliminary round of the Harutaka Volleyball Tournament, in Miyagi Prefecture, in which very powerful teams participated, and moved on to the third round. With this precedent, the film is in itself a game from beginning to end. From there, the viewer travels, through flashbacks and the imagination of each of these young people, to understand a past that connects them.

To keep the emotion on the surface, Haikyu stands out for its dynamic animation. One hardly gets bored, because with the twists and turns that are experienced in full competition there is no time to even yawn. In fact, if it weren't for the doses of fiction represented in the imagination, one feels like a real game.

The shots, the approaches, the path of the ball in the game, everything leads the viewer to sit in front of the battle they were waiting for. The most fanatics will even celebrate the scores. Characters like Hinata Shouyo and Kenma raise emotions by realizing the bond that has been forged over several seasons. The connection between Kenma and Kuro is not left out, the latter being the one who has promoted his development the most without ever losing faith in him. Tsukishima's evolution will also be the protagonist.

As a gift to fans, and a preview of what is coming, “Haikyu the Battle of the Garbage Dump” has a post-credits scene. The next competition is just around the corner and it's Hinata Shoyo's turn to face Hoshiumi Korai.

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