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George Miller outdoes himself again in “Furiosa”

The new film from the "Mad Max" universe keeps the viewer undaunted through a futuristic western

“Furiosa” arrives in theaters surrounded by multiple aesthetic elements capable of leaving the public undaunted. Shots, soundtrack, editing, special effects, performances and art direction reflect the precision and care that frame the vision of an increasingly polished George Miller.

He is great, he is meticulous, he is dedicated and, despite his years, he is still the same filmmaker capable of dislocating your jaw.

This time, in the fifth film of the franchise, he returns to reiterate his vision of chaos. The one we are possibly walking towards as a planet: without water, without resources, immersed in wars, blackmail and looting. A panorama that serves as a mirror and at the same time invites reflection.

But since cinema is criticism and also entertainment, Miller puts his carts and motorcycles in motion. He moves them on an adventure full of persecutions, emotional conflicts, absurd hierarchies, blind faith and extinct resources. A world where his characters compete for attention.

Fully in the plot

“Furiosa” is the prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road”, this time starring an alpha female who in one fell swoop lays the foundations for the new western. One where the woman is no longer the defenseless victim, so what about her. On the contrary, she is capable of being even more rude, brave, premeditated and a gunfighter than the man himself. Whom she will have to save on multiple occasions, by the way.

A complex and enigmatic character who had already been immortalized by Charlize Theron in 2015, but who returns to tell us his origins.

In this post-apocalyptic Wild West, “Furiosa” is not afraid to draw her weapons or gnash her teeth (she barely speaks). A dystopian reality that George Miller revealed in 1979, and that passes the baton to Anya Taylor-Joy, the heroine of the moment. She is the new “Furiosa”, the one who was before and at the same time will be after, if this adventure continues.

To keep the viewer anchored in the plot, Miller delves into the character's past through sequences of unbridled action.

Taylor-Joy is joined by Chris Hemsworth, who molds the evil Dementus, a guy as cruel as he is stupid. Líder of a vandal revolution, its story will frame that scenario in which “Furiosa” will seek to survive. A guy with pretensions of greatness shaken by childish tantrums, carrying a teddy bear.

With few dialogues in two and a half hours of footage, Anya Taylor-Joy had to resort to other resources linked to the emotions she had to emanate. Crying, anger, trust, fear, everything is shown through her eyes.

latest appreciations

The film misses the visual rock-opera aesthetic that made the previous film unforgettable. Obviously, in this case, since it was before, the technology to design war vehicles is an evolving resource. The evil component that characterized the villains of the 2015 film is also missing, diluted from a villain with a centerpiece complex.

Told by chapters, there are five of them, this western of the future leaves room for potential chaos with great development on the horizon. But Miller is already 79 years old and the time to tell new adventures, linked to this universe, is on his heels. “The Wasteland,” the “Mad Max” movie that takes place a year before “Fury Road,” awaits impatiently. Will it come to the cinema? We'll see.

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