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Fourth season of “The Boys” promises bloodletting and twists

On June 13, Prime Video will begin the weekly broadcast of the violent and shocking series

There are only a few hours left until the premiere of the fourth season of “The Boys”. The series, which has conquered audiences on Prime Video after exposing the corruption and abuse of power carried out by a group of superheroes, promises more blood and action than already recorded. The specialized critics have given their verdict: brutal, mature, depraved, satirical and savage, that is how they have described it. His return is scheduled for June 13.

Far from the morality and righteousness that characters with special powers promote in almost all series and movies, in “The Boys” the opposite happens. Humanized, egomaniacal, full of anger and with no desire to save the world, each of the protagonists takes advantage and manipulates destiny as they please.

In this fourth season Patriota, the head of The Seven, once again monopolizes attention, he will do so while annihilating, destroying and finishing off those who overshadow him.

Selfishness, greed and desire for power clash in a world that is on the edge.

The Boys 3

A little of what's coming

Victoria Neuman is a few meters away from becoming president but Patriota moves her like a puppet. She is uncontrolled and aggressive, with more diplomacy but just as crazy as the blonde in the cape. Furthermore, it is already known that she is also a “super” who pretends to be human and has manipulated politics.

With control of Vought in his hands, Patriot is also in charge of his son after taking him from Carnicero. The latter has lost command of his anti-superhero team so his fate seems uncertain. But not even death, which snores in his ear, will stop him from putting an end to a Patriot without scruples or morality and recovering the little boy.

Actors Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, Erin Moriarty, Karen Fukuhara and Claudia Doumit, shared from Mexico some aspects to take into account in the series.

“(Patriot) He's been confined in this corporate cage his whole life and he's had to play by other people's rules. When he realizes that he can have a fit, people love it,” said Starr, who brings the character to life. From that situation he was psychologically freed, which will lead to “very cathartic moments in the fourth season. And to a real expansion of the themes we already have about power, legacy, ambition, greed; all the things we really don't want Patriota to have, are what he will go for.”

This new attitude will isolate him until he is left without support, surrounded by other equally ambitious superheroes. Among them The Deep (Crawford), who despite his loyalty, also raises doubts about whether he really wants to be under his shadow all the time.

“Obviously he would like to be No. 1, but maybe he realizes that's not possible,” Crawford told the AP. “He just wants to find love and connection, maybe he finds it in a quasi-father figure with Patriot, he wants acceptance and it really is a strange relationship.”

The Boys 2

Other characters

Although Annie/Starlight (Moriarty) is no longer part of the corporate ranks of The Seven and has joined the outlaws, her life will be turned upside down. “There's this expectation that Annie is going to get into that group and that she's going to find her place in the world and everything is going to be okay, or that everything is going to be better,” Moriarty said. “And I think that every time you have expectations you have to correct according to previous seasons and think about what precedents have taught us.”

For the actress, switching sides comes with complications and makes Annie a little darker, in a way fans wouldn't expect.

“She may have lost her innocence, but she has not been corrupted,” he continued. “It's less about her innocence and more about her drive, that's the most important thing she needs to maintain.”

Fukuhara, whose silent character is Kimiko Miyashiro, has gained more notoriety as the project progresses. Miyashiro announced, for her part, that she will now know more about her origin. “We're going to see her trying to face her past, we're going to see why she can't talk, it's a big topic that I think people want to know more about,” Fukuhara said. “It was fun to explore that aspect of her, because it's very complicated and there are definitely people in real life who go through similar things.”

The actors describe the season as unexpected and without obvious elements. “Anything can happen, everything is happening and you don't know what,” Moriarty said. “It's pretty scary,” Doumit added.

What is certain is that they will maintain the crude humor, ambivalent characters and darkness that has always characterized “The Boys.”

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