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Flor Núñez preserves the aroma at 70

His extensive artistic career is associated with quality

In rudimentary montages of classical texts, he discovered his love for acting. She was barely a minor high school student when she knew that lending her voice, her gesture, and her body to beings created by others made her feel special and, above all, happy. But her decision about her professional future would face an obstacle of significant importance: family opposition. flor nunez

In the middle of the last century, there were many prejudices related to the artistic medium. And Flor Núñez had to stand firm to defend her vocation. Leaving the classrooms of the Santa María University, after passing two years of Law, and formalizing registration at the Juana Sujo Theater School caused great discomfort to her parents.

Time, however, reversed the situation. When the harvest began to bear fruit, filial pride turned everything that happened in the past into almost an anecdote. It could not be otherwise. Almost 50 years have passed since the performer debuted on stage. Then came the jump to television and, with it, the massification of affection and respect that the public does not hide.

Today she can feel satisfied with an impeccable career that she has managed to distribute between the media and teaching, without neglecting her two daughters and, now, her two grandchildren. She has plenty of reasons to celebrate her 70th birthday on May 23.

Here, there

More Caracas impossible. Flor Núñez was born at the Concepción Palacios Maternity Hospital. She shared her childhood and adolescence with seven males and two females who completed the home formed by José and Elisenda. She studied at the Amalia Pellín school and at the Antonio Arráiz and Andrés Bello high schools.

In the latter she made her debut as an actress, when she was incorporated into the cast of the play “Asamblea general” by Laura Olmos. From that 1969 onwards, the bug only grew. Five years later, she graduated from Juana Sujo, directed by Porfirio Rodríguez.

He participated in several works and, little by little, he began to get into television. A piece of paper in The incurable, with Lila Morillo and Gustavo Rodríguez, on RCTV. Another in “La zulianita”, with Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina, on Venevisión. Until “Emilia” arrived, with Elluz Peraza and Eduardo Serrano, where she caught the attention of the Cuban writer Delia Fiallo. A timely rhinoplasty led her to star in “Good morning, Isabel,” alongside Bardina. She maintained the status in subsequent productions.

From that moment on, she surpassed her time as a young lady to become a leading actress, without traumas or regrets. La Pastora de ella Lara Portillo, from the telenovela “El desprecio”, is one of the most shocking villains in the history of the Venezuelan small screen.


Flor Núñez records two marriages, both with actors. First she was with Miguel David Díaz, whom she met at the Juana Sujo School. The relationship lasted three months.

She relapsed with Félix Loreto, with whom she had met in several casts and had to star in the soap opera “My Best Friend.” At her side she became the mother of Olga Virginia and Andrea Eloína. After more than two decades of union, including breakup and reconciliation, the couple dissolved.

Actress He has managed to maintain a high standard of quality in his work, although the work carried out in the miniseries “The Three Faces of Eva” stands out, where the main character suffered from multiple personality.

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