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“Death Tarot” casts its cards to scare

The horror film discovers a group of young people trying to escape a curse

Several friends meet in a rented mansion to celebrate the birthday of one of them, in “Death Tarot.” This is, at least, what is discovered in the extensive prologue of the film, which also gives an account of the relationships and personalities of the boys.

When the alcohol runs out they decide to search, room by room and shelf by shelf, the entire house in search of a drink. Violating a no trespassing notice, they break down the basement door and end up finding a box full of playing cards.

With the intention of making use of them, one of the girls decides to read the tarot to each of them. Shot after shot, more of the personality of the protagonists is discovered, but also the personal fears and desires of these young people.

What they don't know, but the viewer does, is that this card game is cursed and its demons will chase them until they kill them one by one.

In each case, the reader will notice the situation they will have to face while horrible specters are responsible for scaring them with their audacity.

In their desire to survive, they will try to solve the enigma behind the curse first, and then the strategy to reverse it.

The cards are cast

The dynamic of the film is fun although not at all new. This is not the first time that a group of young people has faced a curse. Nor that after knowing their fate they go after salvation.

Along the way, the viewer will remember other films like “Final Destination,” for example. In it, based on a premonition that prevents a group of young people from dying in an accident, they will be harassed by La pelona. It will step on its heels, one by one, to collect the souls that must have perished in the tragic event.

In a similar key, shots and dynamics develop a story that does not twist and turn to get anywhere. It is clear what the path is, who they follow and how they will end their lives. The surprise is whether they have the cunning to escape unscathed or not.

To anchor it to other more sensitive and romantic elements (remember that this type of film is watched as a couple), the broken relationship of some lovebirds is discovered. They have lost faith in the relationship, although the pain and affection hit them deeply. Which will cause them to also experience a transformation that will be sung from the tarot reading. Pay close attention!

Another detail that it copies from other films of the genre is the adult presence as the only response and coming to light. The experience of someone who, by coincidence of fate, survived a similar situation several decades ago.

Without wanting to put an end to the surprise, “Tarot of Death” finds its appeal in scares, specters, demonic persecutions and handsome young people who must face a sung destiny. With humor, it must be said, because sometimes it is used to relax the tension and give the viewer some respite and relax their posture.

Careful production design and excellent soundtrack create a terrifying atmosphere so that the viewer ends up immersed in the plot. Spiritualism, darkness and black magic at the service of an adventure of fear and shock. The film is directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Harriet Slater (“Pennyworth”), Adain Bradley (“Industry”), Avantika (“Mean Girls: The Musical”) and Jacob Batalon (“Spider-Man”) are some of its protagonists.

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