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David Bisbal celebrates 45 years in the midst of success and love

The Spanish singer is married to the Venezuelan Rosanna Zanetti. Together they have two children

David Bisbal, born on June 5, 1979 in Almería, Spain, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. His career is marked by a combination of talent, passion and perseverance.

Before his fame, David Bisbal already had a deep connection with music. Raised in a home where his father, a former boxer, sang songs and flamenco, Bisbal discovered his love for art from an early age.

His big opportunity came in 2001 when he participated in the first edition of the reality show “Operación Triunfo”. Although he came in second place, his unmistakable voice and charisma catapulted him to fame.

After his time in “Operación Triunfo”, David Bisbal released his debut album, “Corazón latino” (2002). The self-titled single became an instant hit and marked the beginning of a brilliant career.

Songs like “Bulería”, “Ave María” and “Dígale” consolidated his position as one of the most beloved artists in Spain and Latin America.

“Hello my people, a very strong kiss. I stop by to thank you for so many signs of affection that I have received and am receiving on my birthday, signs of affection, but above all because I have realized that I have spent more than half my life with you. So happy and happy, may it continue to unite us with music forever. “I love you” she expressed via social media this Wednesday, June 5, regarding the special date.

Today, on his 45th anniversary, we will review David's early life, his rise to fame, achievements and personal aspects.

Consolidation and recognitions

Bisbal continued to achieve success with albums such as “Bulería” (2004), “Premonión” (2006) and “Sin Mirar Atrás” (2009). His style fuses pop, flamenco and emotional ballads, which spread quickly in Spain and Latin America. Venezuela was not indifferent to his music and fell in love with his proposal.

Thanks to his talent, he has multiple awards, including platinum records and awards such as the Latin Grammy.

In 2003 he won recognition as Breakthrough Artist at the Latin Grammy, in 2009 he did the same in the Song of the Year category for “Aqui am yo” and in 2012 he repeated the feat in the Best Pop Vocal Album category for his album “Una noche en the real theater.”

In his 20-year career, David Bisbal has received 106 nominations, of which he won 71 laurels, making him one of the icons of Latin music in recent years.

beyond the music

The charismatic singer has not only conquered the stage with his voice, but has also ventured into the world of acting. Although his acting career is not as extensive as his musical career, he has left his mark in both fields.

Although he is not a career actor, David has participated in audiovisual projects such as television series. He has made appearances on television shows and series, showcasing his ability to perform in front of the cameras.

Series such as “Class 406”, “7 Lives”, “Hospital Central”, “Dare to Dream” and even “Jane The Virgin” had cameos and special participation, while in films he did the same in productions such as “Torrente 4”. ”.

Likewise, his music has been part of the soundtracks of movies and soap operas, which indirectly connects him with the acting world.

Personal life

Like anyone, David Bisbal has lived a life full of ups and downs, successes and challenges.

The most notable was, perhaps, his romance with Chenoa. During his participation in the first edition of “Operación Triunfo,” David maintained a relationship with fellow contestant Chenoa. Their romance was closely followed by the media and fans while it lasted, from 2002 to 2005.

Another of his best-known relationships was with Elena Tablada, which lasted from 2005 to 2011. After his separation from Chenoa, David had a relationship with designer Elena Tablada. Although his love did not last, he left a mark on his personal life: his daughter Ella, who was born in 2010.

Although at first the ex-couple's relationship was quite cordial, problems did not take long to arrive and they faced each other in court for custody of the girl.

During an interview with Friday!, Tablada assured that her relationship with David ended “because there were many contaminants, I'm not referring to anyone in particular either, what did the most damage to my relationship with David was the press… For me it was something completely new and David didn't handle it very well either. In the end it was too much pressure, every movement we made attracted attention. We were very children, we did not know how to manage that with maturity.”

Contrary to the information that suggested that the relationship with Bisbal's family was not the best, Elena Tablada wanted to clarify that “that is not the case, today I have a very good relationship with his sister and his mother. “They are my daughter's grandmother and aunt and they will always be.” Finally, she confessed that “David has been, I'm not going to say the only one, but he has been the great love of my life. The two great loves of my life have been the parents of my daughters.

And love was reborn...

The Spaniard and the talented Venezuelan actress Rosanna Zanetti have built a solid and passionate relationship. Although they have kept much of their private life a secret, some details about their love story have come to light.

In 2016, David and Rosanna met through a mutual friend. Although they have not revealed many details about that first meeting, they both agree that it was magical. From that moment on, they began to write their story together.

Unlike other famous couples, David and Rosanna have kept their relationship away from media scandals. Two years after beginning their courtship, they married in an intimate and romantic wedding. For them, certain moments must remain between them and their loved ones.

The couple share two children in common: Matteo and Bianca. Despite the distances that sometimes separate them due to their careers, their love continues to grow and teach the world valuable lessons about commitment and privacy in fame.

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