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Bianca Rosales: I saw the neglected tourist niche on national TV

The young social communicator will soon premiere "Viajando con Bivi" on Venevisión

It was worth the effort. During the last few years, Bianca Rosales has worked with care, discipline, dedication and from different platforms to achieve what is now a reality: having her own program on Venevisión and becoming a reference for national tourism.

Social communicator graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, announcer, television presenter and more recently influencer, the young woman from Caracas celebrates that every Sunday starting on October 22 she will be seen on the screens of Venevisión, the channel with which she signed a contract for the broadcast of “Travelling with Bivi”.

It is a space that will be dedicated to encouraging tourist culture in Venezuela and will combine the work it had been doing on its YouTube channel with the television format.

For Bianca, this achievement means the icing on the cake of a 10-year stage. In 2013 she started doing radio, a medium she says she loves and to which she still belongs; and later, in 2014, she joined Sun Channel, a subscription channel available in several countries around the world of which she is still a part.

But not this. Rosales told what other projects occupy her attention and detailed what she will offer on her television program. What else did she say? Pay attention.

What is the concept of the program that you will premiere on Venevisión?

—The concept of the program is Venezuelan tourism, where the viewer will have the opportunity to get to know each of the corners of the country in 30 minutes, every Sunday at 10:00 in the morning starting next October 22, for the Venevision screens.

This is a format that, in turn, is combined with everything that has to do with a YouTube channel: it is something closer, much fresher, with more dynamism, with reactions and perhaps leaving the stuffiness of the television format to a side.

Who is it geared towards?

—It is aimed at all audiences, from the little ones in the house who want to know part of the experiences of a trip so that they know, because we are going to highlight part of the culture, history, gastronomy, idiosyncrasy of each of the places we visit ; and also for an adult audience that wants to know and remember (because perhaps adults know many of the places we will visit), which is a quite nice effect that can be caused. Due to the pandemic and the crisis, many Venezuelans stopped traveling (myself included).

What I show in the social media It causes a very nice and positive effect, when they tell me: “Oh! That road is through I don't know where,” or “I used to stop there when my grandfather took me to that place.” I want to generate that in the program, that connection that we have with our land, with Venezuela.

How do you feel about this new project?

—I feel happy, grateful to God, to my family who has supported me a lot and grateful to myself that I have not fainted, because one of the things you have to be in this environment is constant, persevering, a fighter and I really don't I have stopped fighting for it. Once, in an interview with Chévere de Últimas Noticias, I commented that we did with guts, heart and literally what we did with this project to move it forward.

I am happy, because God willing, there will not be two seasons, which we already signed, but there will be many more.

How do you describe the project?

—It is a fresh project, full of dynamism, but also combined with knowledge, culture and information about that destination to visit.

As I mentioned, it combines the YouTube format with television, trying not to be stuffy but, based on freshness, giving that positive impact to once again rescue those emblematic places of the country, to remember and for Venezuelans to return to tourism, Let's take our cart again and go for a walk through Venezuela

How do you describe this professional moment that you are living?

—I have been dedicated to the media since 2013. I have had the opportunity to make several programs, from magazines to musicals.

I have also been in radio and I always had the thorn, because I have continued working with Sun Channel since 2014 and thanks to that channel dedicated to tourism I had the opportunity to meet tour operators, service providers and I said from the moment I started that I wanted to have a program that talks about the benefits of Venezuela. That's where the idea of ​​launching this tourism project arose.

I feel like crying when I do this reflection. I feel like I have been working behind this thing that is happening right now for so many years that I can't even believe it. In fact, I made a publication when I made the news about the contract with Venevisión and I said “pinch me, I feel like I'm living a dream,” and that's right.

However, through everything that happens, my family, my friends and I say: “that's it, why do you have to pinch yourself if you yourself have earned it by the sweat of your brow and fighting for this goal? ”

I feel happy, happy, happy, happy, grateful and of course wanting to give it a lot of pigeon and move forward.

Why dedicate yourself to tourism and not another type of program?

Who didn't see “Bitácora”? I was happy when I heard the jingle of the program and I felt like it was a moment when my house came to a standstill.

When traveling by plane he asked for the little window to see the landscape, analyze, he always asked about things, he appreciated the vegetation, he appreciated everything.

At school, geography was one of my favorite subjects. My parents are teachers and since our vacations coincided, we didn't spend August-September walking around Venezuela. They grabbed the cart and we went from end to end.

All of this made me feel a sense of belonging that I wanted to share with my community on social media, just as I have been doing, so that other people also fall in love with this wonderful country. This same love made me dedicate myself to this passion that I feel for traveling from north to south and from east to west this beautiful land, and bringing everyone at home a little of what I like to do.

How does this need to travel and document those trips arise?

—More than a necessity, traveling is a hobby. I can describe it that way.

I showed through my social networks, especially with trips to Margarita, because I feel like a Margarita woman at heart, my tours, what I saw, what I knew.

I also traveled a lot with Sun Channel to visit destinations, record with clients and I think it was also the feedback I received from my followers on social networks.

I also saw a neglected niche in the current tourism issue, especially on television; In social networks we do know that there are quite a few bloggers who are doing incredible work.

On television we have an incredible reference, Valentina Quintero, but on national television she was quite missing. Now I have this challenge of getting ahead with the tourism issue.

—What other projects are taking up your time right now?

—I am a social communicator and announcer, from 2013 until now I have continued on the radio, it is something I love.

My social networks, @bivirosales, are a medium that I keep quite active, now more inclined towards tourism.

I have a clothing brand and a store called Bianca Rosales Store, which I think I am doing very well. We are just going to celebrate five years with the brand.

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