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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are pure dynamite in “Bad Boys”

The fourth installment of the saga hits theaters with humor and action in equal parts

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in “Bad Boys,” a police thriller with an excess of comedy that takes place in a Miami full of vices. The Latin touch characterizes the colorful production in which the two actors once again bring police officers to life.

Latin music, luxury cars, parties, drugs, explosions and many bodies in tiny swimsuits fuel the scene of a film that is, by and large, entertaining.

Throughout its journey, the “Bad Boys” franchise has managed to polish, in each of its stories, the aesthetics that define it. The actors have also done it with their characters. More and more relaxed, they perform roles that have belonged to them for a long time and that they embroider with ease.

To fuel the action, the film is not only based on a constant chase-trap, but also uses dynamic shots that prevent tedium. In fact, with each plot twist the panorama is reinvented and the sequences become original compared to the previous ones.

This is enough for the viewer to fall into the development of a story that also appeals to the gruesome and dramatic to bring tears to the eyes. An achievement that belongs to Smith and Lawrence based on their undeniable chemistry.

The fourth

Pure dynamite, this couple who spends almost the entire film stuck next to each other, is able to connect with the audience in a heartbeat. Even with those who come to the theater without having seen any of the three previous films.

Contrary to that of the die-hard fans, who will celebrate “Bad Boys, Hasta la muerte”, because four years after the last installment, the fifth does not seem far-fetched, since there is still gum to stretch.

Death, fatherhood, family, friendship and betrayal are exposed in this latest adventure capable of generating shocks while stealing laughter.

The maturity of the characters and their emotional transition also allows those who are not fans of shooting to also enjoy it. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who directed the previous installment in 2020, return to helm this saga that Michael Bay launched in the 90s.

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