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María Antonieta Duque: For me, being an actress means a lot

The comedian is part of the cast of the play "'Yes or no? Couples therapy'"

María Antonieta Duque is happy and grateful for the public's affection. The Venezuelan actress is preparing for her next challenge with the montage “Yes or no? Couples Therapy”, where she plays a renowned therapist.

“My character is very funny. She is a couples therapist and is fascinated by astrology, she studies the signs, she feels that it helps her understand her patients. “She will try to help this couple solve their marriage crisis,” Duque told Últimas Noticias.

In addition to the renowned actress, Aroldo Betancourt and Sonia Villamizar also join the theatrical venture.

The production, which will be presented from June 20 to 23, is directed by Rafael Romero under the production of Villamizar. A work by Juan Carlos Duque.

María Antonieta commented that they were looking for a comedy that was fun, fresh and that in some way many felt identified, but above all, it left a message to the public.

“There are several important messages in the play and, despite being a comedy, it is not silly. Among the things it tells us, one is that we believe that everything is fine because everything is normal, and we end up falling into routine and the basics, and we do not dare to change. And another thing he says is that, sometimes out of jealousy or feeling neglected, we see and create problems where there are none. Although the maxim is also very present: think wrong and you will be right,” she said.

“I said I was going to be an actress”

The comedian is recognized for having joined the cast of the comedy show "Welcome". Since her debut on television at the age of four in “The Most Similar Morochos” on Súper Sábado Sensacional (1974), the artist has played interesting roles such as Angélica in “Amantes de luna Full”. In 2001 she arrived with Blanquita in “Guerra de Mujeres” and the following year she gave life to Gardenia in “Las González”. 

In recent months, Duque has participated in different theatrical works, such as in the staging of “Taxi” and in the series “Las doñas de El Cafetal”, a story of entanglements that was added to the Simple grid last April. TV. In the series, in addition to Duque, there are Dora Mazzone, Adriana Romero and Sonia Villamizar.

“For me, being an actress means a lot. It was a dream I had since I was little, she always said it was going to be... I went to live as a child on Margarita Island with my parents. I arrived at the age of nine and studied part of primary school, high school and university... whenever they asked me what I was going to do when I graduated, I said I was going to be an actress; Everyone laughed because I lived on an island and they saw it as something impossible, distant... time passed and the opportunity came to me with the program 'Welcome' on the same island. I believe in the power of the word and that dreams come when we visualize them,” she emphasized.

For Marie Antoinette, 54, the affection and recognition of the public is a blessing and the best gift. “I appreciate the affection of each person. "I really enjoy every beautiful word, every gesture, I am one of those who spend time taking photos... I love people and I see it as a good vibe from someone who admires you," she said.

Photo: María Antonieta Duque


Regarding her characters, the actress stressed that she appreciates all of them, but that there is one that she still remembers with great affection.

“They have all been special, but the one who definitely marked a before and after in my career was Matilde in 'Turn around so you can fall in love'. I am very grateful to Venevisión and Mónica Montañés for this opportunity… a real, hard-working woman, that was when they changed my hair color, people did not recognize me, with little makeup, a simple wardrobe, mother of brunettes and a teenage son.” , he recalled.

And he added: “My plot was very popular. My partner Rafael Romero, whom I adore and was my husband in the novel; Christian McGaffney, my eldest son, the brunettes just turned 19 and we're still in touch. The novel was very successful, it has been repeated several times and people continue to watch it. It just ended last week on Venevisión and the good thing about that is that new generations have enjoyed it. After this novel, very good opportunities and wonderful characters began.”

Miss Venezuela

María Antonieta Duque, with more than 30 years of artistic career, revealed that she does not regret anything in her career, but remains curious about what would have happened to Miss Venezuela in 1993.

As you may remember, the businesswoman also participated in the renowned beauty pageant, but Miguel Ángel Landa's job offer for the program “Bienvenidos” caused her to leave the contest before it took place, being replaced by Sonia Vera Aparicio and she won the contest. Minoska Market.

“I was always curious about what would have happened if I had been in Miss Venezuela. Mercedes Salaya had taken me with Osmel Sousa, but I got the opportunity to be formally in the program 'Bienvenidos' and I stayed... I have the best memories, a great teacher... the program was very successful in our country and abroad, we toured almost all of the United States and Central America with the live show, it was in Prime time on Univision,” he recalled.

Keep going with the ladies

“They were eight incredible years, until it ended and I went to the dramas. I feel that I still have a lot to do and that even though they are no longer becoming dramatic in our country, I do not lose hope and I continue to visualize new projects. Just as we received 'Las doñas de El Cafetal' by Luis Carlos Hueck, on Simple TV. They already gave us the good news that we will do the second season,” he said.

The artist stated that in this new stage of her career she feels very well, focused and working every day for her dreams. I feel lucky to continue working in what I like and in my country. We continue betting on Venezuela... I have not stopped doing theater, we have many projects that we will tell you about. And this work, which will be a premiere and which has us very excited.”

Photo: María Antonieta Duque

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