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Laura Termini on Venezuela: I came to stay

For Laura Termini, participating in 'José Gregorio Hernández: The Musical', a piece that allowed her to once again enjoy the applause of her people live, also represented an encounter with her faith and with herself.

“Ever since the director David Chacón Pérez called me I told him: 'yes, I do want to. Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernández remained in me since my first visit to Isnotú on a school trip. When we started reading the scripts and rehearsing it was from Zoom and then WhatsApp, all virtual for me. Last year I had the opportunity to present the project and there I threw myself into singing and the process was magical,” commented the 49-year-old artist about her preparation for the piece, in which she shares with Rolando Padilla .

For her, the key to the success of the production, which by public request will have three new performances, is partly in the main character. “He gives us an example of service, humility and talent, because he was a great scientist. This piece is complete: the story, the actors, who have given everything; and of course, the music, original, with melodies that complement the storytelling of the piece,” highlighted the artist, who highlighted that she started in the industry from a very young age, first dubbing Barbie commercials and then as a member of Venevisión's Mini Pops. , as part of the musical duo Laura and Viktor, and as an actress in soap operas such as 'Las amazonas' or 'None like you'.

The piece, in which Laura Termini plays a character who represents the miracle that they ask of José Gregorio Hernández, can be seen again tonight and tomorrow (Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8), at 7 pm; and on Sunday the 9th at 6:30 pm. The three functions will be on the Terrace of the Shopping Center Líder, and the cost of tickets ranges from 6 to 45 dollars.

 -How was the reunion with the Venezuelan public, both in the play and in the television series 'Dramáticas'?

-Marvelous. I have found so much affection inside and outside the environment. I tell you this with tears in my eyes because I see that I cultivated a beautiful path in my country and so many years of work were not in vain; and everything I have done abroad I have done with my country tied to my heart so that you would feel proud of me. So receiving a hug and applause from my audience is a beautiful feeling and I receive it with love and I deeply appreciate it.

-How difficult or easy was it for you to assume your new professional stages after having been a child star?

My transition was actually easy, since I have always worked. I think the most difficult thing was starting from scratch in the United States at a time when there was no WhatsApp or networks. I had to put in a lot of effort, many nights crying, many Christmases without family, but I knew I was going to achieve many achievements, I never lost faith. From being a child star I had the best school, being part of the golden age of Venezuelan television, and that learning helped me become a complete professional and that is why I have been working for so many years.

 Was it difficult to succeed in the dubbing industry?

-I started dubbing as a child, when Barbie commercials came in English to Venezuela and agencies were looking for girls' voices. She would focus on the girls' lips and put my voice and intention into the script. This technique helped me become a professional bender. When I arrived in the United States I asked who did dubbing, I arrived at the studio, introduced myself and they gave me a test. Right there they started giving me small roles in movies and series and I grew until I reached comics and animations. 

It should be noted that as a voice actress, Laura Termini had great exposure in the successful Nickelodeon cartoon 'The Fairly OddParents', where, among other things, she lent her voice to Tootie, a girl who was totally in love and obsessed with Timmy. , the main character who finds it very annoying.

-What goals do you want to achieve in the dubbing area? Would you like to have a character in the spin-off of 'The Fairly OddParents'?

-Of course, it is one of the most fun projects I have ever done. And I'm going to tell you something that very few people know, many of the songs from 'The Fairly Padrinos' were adapted by me from English to Spanish; That is, I composed them. Writers translate, but since I am an artist and I sing and write lyrics, I adapt them to sing. He also did the choirs, that is, he did everything. I want to continue doing more voices, work with Pixar and other studios, do bilingual voices, and share more of the cultural wealth that I have and that I apply when I act with my voice.

-In addition to those you already mentioned, what other professional projects do you have? 

-I have the energy focused on 'JGH: The musical', because we want to tour it throughout Venezuela and the world. (Also) there is the premiere of an audio series and film that we are going to shoot and a monologue that I am in pre-production. 

-Will you work in Venezuela again? 

-I came to stay. That is to say, even if I have to catch many planes and split myself in two, I want to be part of this new stage. We have been through a lot and I feel that I can contribute my talent and love to projects with new generations, who perhaps do not understand that our country was always a pioneer in art. We are talented and hardworking. Making films and bringing our stories to the world. As an artist I still have a lot to give and explore. I want to meet people, collaborate and create.

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