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Fernando Carrillo: “Volywood is already a fact”

The actor and television executive prepares for the airing of Lechería TV

The Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo returned to the country, after completing a season in Mexico, where he was one of the hosts of the program “Vence a las estrellas”, along with the Spanish Candela Márquez.

As reported by the former gallant of soap operas, the format consisted of 60 episodes. “It is aimed at families and has a team of three guests who challenge the entertainers. They were, among others, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Gabriel Soto and Liz Vega. In two weeks on the air it has become TelevisaUnivisión's favorite,” he said.

This project helped him return to the Mexican market, from which he had been, as he said on several occasions, banned.

Upon his return to the country, Fernado Carrillo, who resides in Lechería, in the state of Anzoátegui, assured that he is willing to resume projects that range from airing the Lechería TV channel, to promoting Volywood, the Venezuelan film industry based on Margaret Island.

Fernando Carrillo
Photo: Luis Graterol/ Photographic Archive/ GUN

—What did it mean to you to work again at Televisa after so long?

—It is my way of bypassing the unjust blockade that was applied to me for having given a political opinion. For expressing myself, for saying who I support. They punished me unfairly, but I feel that this program opens many doors for me, since, currently, there is a new generation on Mexican TV. I am sad for (producer) Nicandro Díaz, who had promised me that he would take me back to making soap operas.

—Of those projects that you had planned in Venezuela, which one will you resume?

—I'm waiting to produce on the channel. We already have the permits to operate, but we are fine-tuning because we have to compete with streaming, which has become king. The first thing we will do will be the series, “Rebellious Passion,” in which I play a conservatory professor. I also want to do a late night.

But the most important thing is that it will be a series designed to give an opportunity to all talented young musicians. To many colleagues in the environment.

—Will he summon his adversaries?

—To all my colleagues. Even to those who have spoken ill of me, as well as those who have used me to succeed. The only thing I ask of you is that you respect my way of thinking, as I respect yours. They believe that by harming me they are harming Venezuela and that is not the case.

—And what I was going to build in Margarita?

—We continue working in the film industry. It is inclusion. I have the support of the people and many ministers of the country. Volywood is a fact and, with teamwork, it will bring us all a lot of satisfaction.

—Why did you decide to reside in Lechería and not in Caracas?

—I have always liked the sea. I lived for two years in Malibu, also in Cancún and Tulum. Furthermore, my wife is from there and my son Milo has his grandmother and his entire maternal family close by.

Fernando Carrillo
Photo: Luis Graterol/ Photographic Archive/ GUN

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