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“Colombia sings to Caracas” will not only offer vallenatos

Local and international artists will join forces in a party full of dance rhythms

This Saturday, June 22, the CCCT terrace will be the scene of a musical meeting dedicated to the Venezuelan capital during the event “Colombia sings to Caracas.”

The gala will bring together a handful of artists from the neighboring country with other locals. Paola Jara, Jessi Uribe, Yeison Jiménez and, if that were not enough, Elder Dayan, son of the emblematic Diomedes Díaz, will take the stage.

But they will not be the only ones because fans will be able to enjoy the talent of Mono Zabaleta, Yeison Ibarra, Los Serranitos de América and Gio Fernández.

Toby Milian, CEO of Thiene Producer, one of the organizing companies, estimates that the concert will last approximately 7 to 9 hours. During the day, the group Los Serranitos de América, originally from the Venezuelan Andes, will begin as opening act. For her part, Paola will be the first international artist to offer a show of 45 minutes to an hour.

The executive revealed that there will not only be representatives of vallenato, as the audience will be delighted with popular dance, regional and even pop ranchera music. In itself, most of the presentations will lean towards the Colombian regional genre. In a press release, the show promises a “renewed sound” that is highly influenced by Mexican ranchera.

Likewise, he highlights that the Colombian regional now “separates itself from its origins and grows with its own life and unique talents.” In this sense, Milian assured that it will be an “important musical experience with five international artists and three national artists.”

With future vision

According to Toby told Últimas Noticias, the objective of “Colombia sings to Caracas” is for it to be an event that spreads to other cities. “We want to replicate this same experience at the national level. With how well things have gone for us in Caracas, it is most likely that a national tour will come later and we will do: 'Colombia sings to Barquisimeto', 'Colombia sings to San Cristóbal', 'Colombia sings to Maracaibo', we just titled it so to do it in other cities in the future.”

The possible tour will start this Friday, June 21 in Valencia, with a smaller group of artists. “It is the first time that we unite these artists of the pop ranchera genre with vallenato, at least in Venezuela. In Colombia, similar events have taken place but not with artists of this caliber or with this same poster,” said the businessman.


Among the visitors to the country is Jessi Uribe, originally from Bucaramanga. In 2023 she showed up at the mall Líder successfully, because his concert had a “full house.” Therefore, Milian comments that Uribe “is consolidated here as an artist.”

To add more romance to the matter, he and Paola Jara are married and apparently, they are not afraid to show it on stage or even in social media.

About Jara, she was born in the town of Apartadó-Antioquia. She recently released the EP “Unforgettable” of six songs. Among her most popular songs are “Pedazo De Carne”, “Murió El Amor” and “Como Si Nada”, a melody in collaboration with her husband.

For his part, Mono Zabaleta will sing his popular song “El kidnapping”, his most popular hit at the moment. According to Milian, the single will serve “to add the funniest note to the show.”

Likewise, to continue the legacy, Elder will sing songs by his father Diomedes, as well as his own.

Venezuelan talent present

At just 11 years old, Yeison Ibarra dedicated himself to music. Recently, the singer released his first single “dear little mother” which he will sing live along with his passion for ranchera.

At the same time, Gio Fernández, a native of Biscucuy, Portuguesa, will fuse llanera music with ranchera music based on that original musical style that characterizes him.

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