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Scrap metal recycling workshop made the people of Bruzual uncomfortable

El Valle residents suffered from annoying noises, lack of respect and misuse of common areas

Inhabitants of the Bruzual sector, in the El Valle parish of Caracas, were forced to seek help from security officials in the community to regulate the annoying noises that came from the house of a neighbor, who has a recycling business. scraps.

Annoying noises are defined in the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Justice of Peace of the Libertador Municipality as the emission of sound, produced by any activity or process, that exceeds the admitted tolerance levels, which causes inconvenience to the health of the population and disrupt the environment.

To stop the intolerable sounds, last June two residents of Bruzual went to the headquarters of the Communal Police service of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (Cpnb), located on 1st Street in Los Jardines del Valle, where they alleged that the noise was It lasts from morning to night.

The chief inspector of the Cpnb service and attached to the coordination of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Room, Ana Omaña, explained that the applicants also indicated that their neighbor's undertaking also caused homeless people to arrive at the place, who Sometimes they proceeded to verbally attack the locals.

During an interview for Últimas Noticias He stated that the man's employees disturbed free movement through the common spaces, since they used them to carry out work.

Given what was expressed by the civilians, the Communal Police service decided to summon the parties involved in the problem to listen to each one's points and proceed to find a peaceful solution.


Omaña commented that the three people mentioned responded to the call of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Room, located within the facilities of the Communal Police Service of the Cpnb of El Valle.

The applicants reiterated what was already stated during the complaint, and detailed that the people who come to the neighborhood to sell the scrap metal "are rude, they lean against the wall and obstruct the passage, thus generating annoyance and discomfort in others," the inspector said. .

In that sense, they demanded that their neighbor respect the common use spaces and stop making noise.

Meanwhile, the owner of the business indicated that from his home he proceeded to recycle scrap metal, copper, iron, among other materials, which can be used for new purposes.

The man accepted that he was causing discomfort among the other residents of the neighborhood so he stated that he would talk to his employees to minimize the noise.

Likewise, he indicated that he will maintain supervision and control of the space that corresponds to his home to avoid calls for attention.


Once the two parties presented their allegations and requests in the Mediation Room, together with the service officials, they agreed on a series of terms that were reflected in a record signed by all those present, who agreed that if any of them are breached of the points would be sent to the First Municipal Prosecutor's Office of the Libertador municipality, located on Nueva Granada Avenue in the Santa Rosalía parish.

The accused repeated that he would commit to supervising his staff to guarantee order in the place and to work with caution to reduce disturbing sounds.

In addition, a work schedule was agreed upon to maintain the peace and tranquility of the residents around the workshop. In this way, the day will begin at 8:00 am and will end at 6:00 pm.

Weighing and recycling of products will take place within the facilities. Therefore, he was prohibited from leaving any scrap metal outside the place.


The Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador Municipality of Caracas, in its article 25, establishes the behaviors that affect peace and respectful relationships between people.

In paragraph 1 of the article, one of them is the use of any means of sound production, devices, accessories or machinery that produce annoying noises, from movable or immovable property. It adds that in these cases the competent authorities may identify, record, deactivate and/or preventively and temporarily retain the source of the noise, unless they are caused by duly permitted constructions or repairs.

It also stipulates that those who engage in this or other conduct set out in the section of the regulations will be sanctioned with a fine equivalent to the payment in bolivars of 30 times the official exchange rate of the currency of greatest value, set by the Central Bank of Venezuela. or carrying out community work.

Ordinance and polluting sounds

Article 31. The Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador Municipality establishes the acts that generate noise pollution.

Paragraph 1. Reject annoying sounds or noises that constitute noise pollution in activities such as parties, meetings, musical practices or similar events that disturb the tranquility of the residents or neighbors.

Paragraph 2. Rejects the disturbance of correct citizen coexistence through scandalous shouts or foul words that offend people's decorum, especially in spaces where children and adolescents are present.

Paragraph 3. Placing music with high sound levels in residential spaces, commercial premises with openings to public areas; in passenger transport units, in private vehicles, parked or in circulation with windows open, or in any other place where the effect of sound causes disruption to the peace of the citizen.

Penalty fee. Those who violate article 31 must pay the exchange rate in bolivars 50 times the highest value currency, established by the Central Bank of Venezuela.

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