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They resolve the situation due to an accumulation of garbage in El Bambú

The Communal Police cleaned the home of an elderly woman who had almost a ton of waste

The El Bambú community of the San Bernardino parish, in Caracas, came together to address the alarming conditions in which an older adult lived in a room she occupies as a tenant. The situation became evident when a strong smell and the presence of worms, cockroaches, flukes and mice began to be noticed coming out of the home that the citizen shares with the rest of the tenants.

The neighbors, upon being affected by the proliferation of animals that were already invading their respective rooms and causing damage to property, decided to act and request help. Thus, during one of the daily tours carried out by officials of the Communal Police Service of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (Cpnb) in the aforementioned Caracas town, the group of residents expressed the concern they had about the living conditions of the elderly lady.

The first commissioner and head of the mediation room of the police force in San Bernardino, Angelo Echeverría, told Últimas Noticias, that several officials immediately visited the woman's home, where they found that not only her room, but also the house, was full of garbage and with leaks that aggravated her living conditions.

Furthermore, when interviewing the 80-year-old citizen, the authorities discovered that she is alone in the capital city and does not have a family that can offer her financial support or accompaniment, which motivated them to alert the members of the communal council, political team, the parish Commission for the Elderly, and other competing entities.


The Cpnb service, together with the organizations they contacted, created an action plan to address the situation. The first step was to clean the room, so in an act of solidarity and concern for the well-being of their neighbor, who is very appreciated in the community, six police officers gathered basic hygiene products and utensils, and proceeded with the sanitation and disinfection of the space.

However, access to the home was not easy, given that the elderly woman was reluctant to allow third parties entry. It took persuasion and empathy to gain her trust and finally intervene. According to Echeverría's story, one of the inspectors offered him her company from now on and told him that she should see him as a son. After a long conversation, they were able to carry out the cleaning, removing around 30 bags of waste and 900 kilograms of waste, there were even dead mice inside the appliances. The action revealed the seriousness of the situation: the octogenarian slept, cooked and ate among the garbage.


The work plan foresees that, together with the corresponding entities and the participation of the community, Cpnb officials will provide follow-up to the case of the octogenarian, as well as loving company, given the emotional problems she is suffering.

In addition, the head of the Commission for the Elderly, the community council and the local political team committed to offering him continuous support. Likewise, they were guaranteed breakfast, lunch and dinner, thanks to the assistance of the El Bambú food house, in addition to the home medical care provided by the doctors from the Barrio Adentro module that operates in the town.

Echeverría also pointed out that, given the housing conditions, it is being considered to move the older adult to a foster home with the support of the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality, to guarantee her long-term well-being.


The actions of the Cpnb Communal Police Service and the community responded to paragraph 1 of article 14 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice, which establishes as one of the duties of social solidarity to provide the support for children, adolescents, older adults or people with disabilities for their safe mobility, in situations of difficulty, danger or risk.

Likewise, they were based on the Organic Law for the Comprehensive Care and Development of Older Adults, which in its article 2, paragraphs 1 and 2, refers to the recognition of elderly citizens as full subjects of law, with dignity and autonomy to exercise their rights and guarantees in conditions of equality and non-discrimination.

In paragraphs 3 and 4 of the aforementioned article, the legislation contemplates comprehensive care by the State, families and society to contribute to the fulfillment of their rights and guarantees, good living, quality of life, security and healthy, active aging, worthy and happy. At the same time, it promotes dignified treatment of grandparents.

Ordinance in detail

Public awareness. It is defined in numeral 3 of article 11 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, Civility and Communal Peace Justice of the Libertador municipality, as the set of principles, norms and values ​​that govern the individuals of a community.

Rules of citizen coexistence. According to paragraph 15 of article 11, they are the rules of a normative nature, aimed at ensuring civic, peaceful and harmonious interaction between citizens.

Vulnerable groups. Defined in article 11, paragraph 12, as those people or groups who, due to certain conditions, are affected by the enjoyment of their rights and guarantees.

Principles and values ​​of communal peace. Article 10 contemplates the defense of human rights, co-responsibility, co-management, self-management, cooperation and solidarity.

Public politics. According to article 14, paragraph 3, it is to collaborate in the execution of public policies aimed at inclusion, respect for human dignity and social protection of vulnerable groups.

Address. The San Bernardino mediation room is on Caracas Avenue, in the parking lot of the Wholesale Supermarket Forum.

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