Zulia's Tony Mendoza launches his first solo song

The singer-songwriter made a video clip and plans a tour.

The Zulian singer Tony Mendoza presents his first single I erased you from my life, after having distinguished himself as a vocalist in various groups, both in his native state and in the Andes.

Mendoza chose for his solo debut the song authored by Greiber Daza, with arrangements by Luis Acosta, under his own musical direction. He was also in charge of production and arrangements.

With Zulian roots, the singer-songwriter was, in the last months, before the pandemic, in the state of Trujillo.

During the time of confinement, he had the idea of ​​venturing into this solo project, of which he made a video clip. "It is already available on my YouTube channel, which bears my name, and which tells the story of an unfortunate love due to the circumstances," Mendoza said.

As future plans, in addition to continuing with the preparation of the rest of his songs, Tony Mendoza plans to tour Venezuela where he will take his song. Likewise, it is also waiting for the live shows to return to appear in one that is prepared with popular and ranchera music.



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