Xhey premieres 'Dilemma' on HTV

The Cuban-American singer Xhey is pleased by the response his song has had in Venezuela 'Dilemma', which he wrote with Oscarcito, and which reached the number position of the Record Report.

“It has been a very difficult year, but this is without a doubt a blessing. It's my first number 1 with 'Dilemma'. Thank you for trusting me and my desire to move forward and show that when you want, you can ", expressed the artist on his instagram account @iamxhey.

The video clip of the song 'Dilemma' is now premiering on the Latin American television channel HTV, specialized in music, and has already risen to the Hot Ranking thanks to its acceptance on social networks through the hashtag #FormulaHtvXhey.

Now resided in Miami, Xhey prepares the launch of his album “Vision 20/20", influenced by pop, reggaeton and rap. In this production stands out precisely 'Dilemma', A love story in which he must decide between two loves. The video was directed by Felix Carbajales and photography is David Gonzalez. 

- So the song “Dilemma” has autobiographical elements?

-The song really tells the truth and reflects what I was living. Oscarcito started laughing and told me, "Wait a moment dad"  and began to hum. I said "Brother, I like that melody" and there we began to write it. The song was born that way, instantly.

-Where and how was the process of filming the video clip?

-The video we shot in Havana. I know the director, Felix Carbajales, he's a young man barely 24 years old and he's a very good vibe. I told my producer Rodolfo Castillo to do it in Cuba, because it would be much cheaper than in Miami. We recorded it in one day, started at 10 am and ended at about 11 pm.

-Where does your stage name "Xhey" come from?

- My name is Lazaro Marcial Jimenez and adopted the name "Xhey" my great-uncle, the uncle of my father, who passed away. Named Joseph Noel Sanchez, she told him "Chey" since childhood, he loved music and admired Bob Marley. He came one day listening to the radio and put the Bob Marley song that he liked. I kept thinking and I said 'I'll take that name in memory of my Uncle Chey. Decided to change the 'c' by the 'x' as saying, 'this is my new stage, a clean slate.' "

-You have tattoos with the faces of your favorite artists, who are they?

- I have here the face of Michael Jackson, also J. Balvin and TI, who is an American rapper that I admire a lot. They are my favorite artists of every genre, pop, reggaeton and rap, three of them are like my base to follow.

-Do you also enjoy disco music?

- I like the bands Kool & the Gang, Tierra, viento y fuego, which I listened to as a child. I urban music, but what I hear when I'm alone, it's 70s and 80s want to do something where I can merge urban sounds with the sound of the 80s and 90s.

- Would it be a proposal similar to Bruno Mars?

- Yes, it would be that style but with more Latin elements.

-What hobbies do you have besides music?

-In Cuba boy played baseball, basketball and swimming. I really like sports. My girlfriend and I go biking in the morning or at night. I came to Miami and my small sport was basketball. I played for school, for the league here in Miami, what happens is that later I had a knee injury. What relieves me of stress is music and basketball.

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