Who lies? This is Enrique Guzmán's truth about Frida Sofía

Collage: Chevere.life

Enrique Guzmán, singer father of Alejandra Guzmán and grandfather of Frida Sofía, swore by his children that "he has never laid a hand on" his granddaughter. Such a refusal arises after the young woman denounced that he fondled her private parts several times when he was only five years old.

Faced with the serious accusation, the interpreter born in Venezuela had his right to reply in the Mexican program "Ventaneando", Where he assured that he has" never touched her in my life, in any way; neither of the waist nor of the hand, nor to give him a kiss on the cheek, he pointed out.

“I have never been able to touch that girl (Frida Sofía). I swear by my children, the ones I have and the ones I will have that I have never laid a hand on them, "he said. "What you cannot say is that I touched her in private parts because it is not possible, it is not true," he continued.

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