Via Zoom! We met the candidates of Miss Supranational Venezuela 2021

Photo: Courtesy Miss Supranational Venezuela

Live, via Zoom and Facebook, this Thursday, April 8, the official presentation to the press of the candidates for the Miss Supranational Venezuela 2021. Ana Karina Jardim, as host of the meeting, was in charge of moderating the activity that lasted one hour and which featured 9 of the 10 applicants for the title of beauty that will be delivered on May 27 by Globovisión. Érika Rehkoof could not be present as she is over COVID-19.

Without revealing details of the final gala, or of the upcoming activities - beyond that on Tuesday April 13 there will be a challenge on social networks - the meeting served for the press to talk with the young women.

loose clothing

For all the girls it is a challenge to prepare from home. Valentina Sánchez spoke about the tools we have at our disposal. “The organization has made it possible for us to feel that we work together and we are a team. Knowing that there will be four candidates on stage fighting for the title adds to the excitement. "

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