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Venezuela is present at the Insitu Bazancourt Festival

Venezuelan plastic artists participate in the Insitu Bazancourt Festival 2020 in Oise, France, until November XNUMX.
In the event via online are for our country Jonathan de Aguilar, Hugo Álvarez, Gheyber Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Martínez, José Parra, Victoria Patricia Proaño, Juan Daniel Velásquez, Andreina Zavarce and Arnaldo Yarza.

It should be noted that the curatorship of the festival was in charge of Franklin Arellano; while the online curatorship ran by Arnaldo Yarza.

By the way, Yarza comments that these artists "show points of similarities that are analogous, which allows them to communicate or be intertwined, these being a kind of participatory conduit, without being loaded with idioms, but with particularities."

This festival has its beginnings in 2009, thanks to the Ouvre les yeux, whose function is the cultural exchange and promotion of contemporary art in public spaces, apart from offering the inhabitants of Haust a multidisciplinary artistic encounter in their rural areas.

To see this event, go to www.assoouvrelesyeux.com; or by instagram and facebook assoouvrelesyeux.

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