Venevisión restores the telenovela Ka Ina

Starting this Wednesday, January 20, at 10 pm, Venevisión will re-install the 1995 telenovela Ka Ina on its program schedule.
Ka Ina had eighty percent of outdoor recordings, which include settings in the jungle itself in Canaima
and in a town specially built to develop incidents.

The story was by César Miguel Rondón, while the cast was led by Jean Carlo Simancas, Viviana Gibelli and Hilda

It is the essential story of two passionate and vehement women: Maniña Yerichana, the most powerful in the jungle, and Catalina Miranda, an engineer with a cosmopolitan spirit, are confronted by the love of a man: Ricardo León, a mysterious barker in that unexplored environment.

Another of the unforgettable characters in the story was Tacupae, played by José Torres. The musical theme was created by Soledad Bravo, Ojos malignos.

At the time, there was a controversy around the authorship of the story, as an amateur writer claimed non-existent rights.