Prince's unreleased album to be released

Prince died in 2016

Sony Music announced that on July 30 it will release, in collaboration with the Prince heirs, the unreleased album by the Minneapolis artist entitled Welcome 2 America, recorded in 2010.

The song that gave it its title is now available on digital platforms and is, in the words of the record company, “a scathing soliloquy spoken and set to music about the so-called golden parachutes, the superficiality of social networks, the culture of celebrities fed by reality TV and corporate monopolies in the music industry ”.

In the absence of knowing the complete story of Welcome 2 America, which will unveil this Sunday a report from the American network CBS, Sony Music has explained in a press release that its author embarked after his recording on a tour of the same name, which ended with the historic 21 Nite Stand concert at The Forum in the city of Inglewood.

It was also reported that the record's repertoire includes some of Prince's unique studio collaborations with bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, drummer Chris Coleman, and engineer Jason Agel, featuring New Power Generation Shelby J, Liv Warfield, and Elisa. Fiorillo and keyboardist Morris Hayes. / EFE



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