They join OnlyFans, but without "meat with potatoes"

Composition: photos courtesy IG @iamcardib, @michaelbjordan @gianlucavacchi and @madonna

OnlyFans is like that acquaintance with a dark past who gave herself up to a religion and forgot she ever had a loose bun. The platform that allowed certain freedoms XXX is now a place where the family shares their day to day. The businessman, DJ, dancer, influencer and boyfriend of Sharon Fonseca, Gianluca Vacchi, is an example of this, since the man dared to open a window to the privacy of his home without having to show meat.

The interactive platform born in England is committed to content more suitable for all audiences, removing the focus of attention from the nudes of celebrities such as Aaron Carter or Bella Thorne that would be censored on Instagram.

However, this is not the first step towards less compromising materials. Other figures had already arrived at OnlyFans with the intention of making a few dollars at the point of subscriptions (a novelty offered by this service). Get to know them!

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