Táchira lost a great lover of the microphone due to the coronavirus

Sanabria was 69 years old

The renowned announcer from Tachira Héctor Darío Sanabria Casique died this Sunday, January 10, a victim of the coronavirus.
He was born in Peribeca, Independencia municipality, on March 17, 1951 and left a great void in the world of microphones, the
radio, which was his great passion. From a very young age he dreamed of making the microphone his life, there was no party, dance, music, or
any entertainment in town that he did not encourage.

In his younger years he insisted on achieving his most precious dream. He knocked on doors until he finally got it: having his voice over certificate with which he catapulted himself to the top in the region.

His particular peasant and carrilero style caught the listeners, thus he passed through different stations of the entity, leaving an indelible mark and a great school as an apprenticeship for the new generations.

He worked in Capachense, Ecos del Torbes 780 AM, World Radio 860 AM and San Sebastián, among many others. Until the last moment of his life - before leaving a trip of no return as a result of covid-19 - he was in front of the microphone.

Father of three children, product of the marriage with Lourdes Sanabria, who was also a victim of this terrible disease.
Héctor Darío Sanabria Casique leaves a legacy of perseverance, dedication, dedication and perseverance in his work, proving to those who succeed him that when you want to, you can, that there are no limits to achieving your dreams.

Information on funeral services will be given soon.