The sincerity of Franco De Vita

Photo: EFE

Franco De Vita has always been a singer who awakens mixed emotions. With Venezuelan journalism he has stories of "love" and, most of them, of "pain." Just as I count it. No one can deny you your quality as an artist. For something Franco became the "bogeyman" of the concerts, since it didn't matter how many shows or where he performed, his were pure "sold out". And that, obviously did not like.

On one occasion in the 90s, the Ateneo de Caracas organized a Latin American Music Festival with very important names. Like Rubén Blades or Willie Colón at the Teresa Carreño theater. Franco would have his first series of multi concerts the following week. They started out with four being scheduled and, due to demand at the box office, they ended up being six. Days with double function.

At a press conference, they “asked” him what he thought that his concerts (with more expensive tickets) were sold out, while the Festival's tickets were not. "What am I going to say? I have nothing to say. The public is the one who decides what they want to see ”. So direct and sincere he responded to a question that sought to question the “commercial music of Franco” before the cultured and intellectual of his summoned colleagues. Of course, after the answer, no more than 10 minutes passed until the meeting ended.

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