The show business and journalism

Photo: File- EFE

Journalist's Day is always a reason to celebrate. A profession that has been beaten, tarnished at times, but that leaves the satisfaction of making it dignified, respectful and professional to most of us who practice it.

However, the source of entertainment has always been pointed out. Even by many colleagues. It is believed to be an easy source; that anyone can cover it (because of the fact that everyone likes artists) and historically it is despised, because the information is only gossip. "Pots" as it is known in slang.

And that's something that, for a good part of my beginnings, I struggled with. Above all, to vindicate the gossip. When you say "unofficially met", "rumors", "sources who do not want to identify" is not an elegant and bombastic way of gossiping? Only the day that I understood it did I stop bothering myself because they accused me (and still) of being a gossip and a meticulous (because of that of private life, which, certainly, in no other source is privileged as in entertainment).

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