The meeting of Ruddy and Luis Miguel

Photo: Courtesy Warner Music

Ruddy Rodríguez was one of the most sought-after Venezuelan actresses in the local market. Internationally, he was looking to break through with a Hollywood movie, "Tangerine Summer," many times advertised but never delivered. However, as I tell it, she became the actress who earned the most, and in dollars, for her work.

For this reason, when it was learned that Luis Miguel would come in 1990 to shoot in Venezuela, under the order of Henrique Lazo, the video of the song «I have everything except you»The model could not be another. Everything was organized for a group of journalists to travel to Los Roques, a land that was beginning to be exploited as a tourist destination to cover the incidents. Besides, it was Luis Miguel, not just anyone.

Not everyone was able to travel, because that day the stick of water was not normal. Only one flight that left very early made it to the first batch. The second had to wait until after noon and, due to time restrictions, the third could not fly because the route was one-way and would not give the chance to return before 6:00 pm, which was the deadline for La Airport. Carlota.

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