The Wizard of Os | The sixth zuliana

Although there is still a long way to go to achieve global herd vaccination that reduces the necessary restrictions to a minimum and allows more fluid intercontinental mobility, some sectors are normalizing their activities. So it is with beauty pageants.

At the end of March, the Grand International 2020 was held in Thailand and the next on the list is the Miss Universe 2020, scheduled for May 16, at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

So far there is talk of more than 70 candidates who will represent their countries, after discrete local elections or hand-picked appointments (case of 27 girls), derived from the recommendation related to avoiding crowds.

In this sense, the American organization has been very flexible when accepting registrations.

The defense of the national tricolor will be borne by Mariángel Villasmil, who has been very active in the networks, showing episodes of its preparation and sharing photographic sessions in which she recalls the glamor of the misses of the 80s.
Shortly, the news of his trip north will jump, with the presumption that this year the congregation of applicants will be shorter and the agenda will be shortened as a result of the pandemic.

Villasmil will be the sixth from Zulia to participate in Miss Universe, after Neyla Moronta, Carmen María Montiel, Denyse Floreano, Mónica Spear and Migbelis Castellanos. The balance of the oil entity in this contest is quite positive, since, of the predecessors, only Moronta was at the gates of the classification, although, later, she developed an interesting career as an entertainer on Venezuelan television.

With Villasmil, in addition, the image of the blonde and serene queen is recovered that contrasts with current criteria, among which the African-American origin stands out, very much in the line of inclusion, judging by the winners of recent contests (see Miss Universe 2019, Miss World 2019 and Miss Grand International 2020). Time will tell if it is a new trend or specific events.

As the contest approaches, the other grand slam events settle details. Both Miss World and Miss International decided to vacate the 2020 crowns to choose the winners of the current year.

The Londoner will do so on December 16 at the Coca Cola Music Hall in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Japanese will set the date in November, although the place is ready: Pacific Yokohama, Japan. As for Miss Supranational, it will be in August or September, in Poland, as always.



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