The Lil coat | Bolivian from Irakere

About two decades ago, a new LP (acetate, vinyl) production by Irakere, the legendary group led by Jesús “Chucho” Valdés, went on sale in the Cuban market. That album entitled Bailando thus included a curious theme: Boliviana, composed by its director.

It is not clear if the song was composed based on or as a result of a tour of that country by Irakere, but the truth is that the Bolivian song is there, and great legends of Cuban music such as Chucho himself participated in the recording. Valdés, who also arranged the piece.

Greats such as Jorge Varona, Carlos del Puerto, the Tosco José Luís Cortés, Enrique Plá, Carlos Averoff, Carlos Emilio Morales and Jorge Alfonso "the child", among others, also participated.

Boliviana was accepted by the Bolivian public and several versions were made, one of which is consigned here to ratify that acceptance and to assess the contributions that Bolivians later introduced to the Chucho Valdés issue.

In this case we refer to the Cubayande group, which has more than a decade on the stages of its country.
These notable musicians introduced quenas, panpipes, more flutes and accessories to the original theme, leading to a little-known Bolivian flavor.

In these hours of joy that once again presents us with the dignity of the Bolivian people, we sing along with "We are going to return / we are going to return / to return" as in effect the Boliviana de Chucho Valdés with Irakere has been, in which we sneak through the sticks when everyone sings “Chévere que chévere”.

Time for certainties.
Jallalla, Bolivia. l



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