La cota Lil | Guarenas


Guarenas has one of the noblest characteristics among the many that distinguish the Venezuelan gentilicio: it has always received with open arms those who for some reason come to it looking for shelter and home. Whoever writes attests to this.

Musicians, painters, writers, good and hard-working people make life in a city with an “official” settlement since February 14, 1621. It has just turned 400 years old.

The Liberator Simón Bolívar slept in Guarenas and many sons and daughters of this prairie joined his army when the episodes of 1814, those of the emigration to the East.

Guarenas also saw the Spaniards defeated at El Rodeo by the patriot José Francisco Bermúdez fleeing in May 1821 in those admirable "diversions" to distract the royalists and fulfill the final objective: Carabobo. That battle and these events will also be the Bicentennial.

The municipality of which it is the capital bears the honorable name of Ambrosio Plaza, an officer of the patriot army, who died in Carabobo. He was barely 30 years old and this year will also be the Bicentennial of the dedication of his life.

Guarenas reaches 32 years after the events that led to the Sacudón, an act of rebellion by a people that materially rose up against neoliberalism and the IMF.

Today Guarenas lives the contradictions that his passage from town to city has implied.

However, Guarenas, with Luis Figueroa commanding the municipal actions, continues to be combative and firm, honoring its history. This Saturday a Cantora Mayor is announced, a companion of songs and struggles of Alí Primera. Applause for the Chiche Manaure and that now the Shaking of consciences takes place.



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