The bitter crown of Mariam Habach

Photo: Courtesy IG @mariamhabach

The race for him has already begun Miss Venezuela 2021 and the highest beauty pageant in the country always, always an inexhaustible quarry of intrigues. Before the pandemic, it was very common for a few days before such a beautiful night to take the candidates on a tour of the newspaper offices; in order to share with the press.

Mariam Habach was the favorite to win the crown in 2015. Even in the Osmel era, who would go down to posterity as Miss Tocuyo, she was the prototype of the candidate that the “Beauty Czar” liked. But maybe that's why they were as much a favorite as they were hated. Although in the traditional visit that the girls made that year to Últimas Noticias she did not go "because she is indisposed" her companions did not take care to issue a negative comment about her. On the contrary, as also used to be the case, “everyone says that this is the calmest and most harmonious group of all”.

However, it was no secret (and that for the moment the Instagram boom was not like now) that certainly behind the scenes it was not flowers that were thrown. They christened her Lady Valdemort. And when they gave him the title of "Best Body", boos were heard in the Venevisión studio that, perhaps, did not go beyond the screen. In the Miss Universe she also earned antipathies. Famous is the moment in which, according to her, "without wanting to" step on the Peruvian's dress, who said that it was without wanting, but wanting.

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