The Puerto Rican Guaynaa sings to the girls

Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa recently released the song Chama. The name, with a clear allusion to the Venezuelan gentilicio, also summarizes the feeling that the interpreter has for the country, he said in conversation from Miami.

The urban music singer's ties with Venezuela have time. He had a relationship with a girl born here and from there he wrote the single “with which I want to honor my beautiful people. We teamed up with Lyanno, who had wanted to do something together for a long time and this came out. I hope that when the pandemic ends I can go there to present not only this but all my productions. "

This single, which already has a video with quite a sensual charge, is already on his YouTube channel and shows how the interpreter's suffering was for the Caribbean “who stole my heart”. It was shot in Miami, taking care of all security protocols, he assured.

Before this single, Guaynaa had also shown his taste for Venezuelan women, as he recorded with influencer Lele Pons. The theme You can tell was the collaboration they did together. “Working with her was wonderful. She is very talented and a disciplined girl who is willing to work all the time as a team ”.

Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez, his first name, considers that although music has suffered a lot from the pandemic, “we also have everything to get ahead. What we have to do is take care of ourselves. I tell my family to take good care of themselves, I do a sanitizer (antibacterial) all the time. It's not a game and you have to take care of yourself ”.

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