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The 2022 Grammy Awards are icing like tamarind

The 64th edition of the Grammy Awards already had a time and date on the calendar: January 31, 2022, but the organizers of the great music event did not have the cunning of the new variant of the covid-19, Ómicron, so they had to change the celebration of their gala.

According to a Daily Mail report, the Grammy Awards will be postponed for a few months due to the increase in cups of the virus variant in Los Angeles, California. Likewise, the production is looking for new spaces to hold the meeting that is supposed to bring together the cream of the music industry, as the Crypto.com Arena would not be suitable for the occasion.

That is why CBS and The Recording Academy would have begun to knock on the doors of the Hollywood Bowl, an amphitheater that has an ideal outdoor space for the appointment, as reported by Showbiz 411.

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