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Stephany Zreik fell in love with the jury by zoom

Stephany Zreik ignored the gallery audience who told him that it had been a bad decision to accept to participate in Miss Earth 2020. The result, she took the place of viceroy and obtained the band and crown of Miss Water, not only told her that He had taken the right path, but it also allowed him to stand out. 

Less than a month to travel to the Philippines to look for her prizes, the Valencian commented that the secret of her triumph was “in always giving more than they asked for. If they told us we had to record the typical costume outdoors, we went to Plaza Altamira and put together a production. This was also the case with the photographs of the four elements. We invented a series of takes that undoubtedly stood out from the rest, ”Zreik said.

He explained that they did it because they wanted to transmit “more than a simple video can do. It is difficult to make the jury fall in love with zoom. If you do not put an extra, you do not advance. And that's how it happened, ”he said.

Although he does not have a final date, the organization told him that it plans to hold the coronation ceremony in January. Therefore, she is not going to stop her training or English practice. “They have not told us anything about what they plan to do for that ceremony, in which there will only be the four winners. It will also be a nice moment to meet my colleagues.

The United States (Miss Earth) has made very nice comments about me; just like the Philippines and we have already planned trip together.
"The first thing the queen did, once the result was known, was to go to McDonalds to eat a hamburger."

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