Stephany Zreik: I want to educate about the environment

Perseverance was Stephany Zreik's main tool to achieve the title of Miss Air, in the election of Miss Earth 2020.

The Valencian was the viceroy and Lindsey Coffey, representative of the United States, obtained the main crown.

“When they tell me that I didn't get a crown, I say that I did get it because Miss Air's is also important. It is one of the four granted by that organization,” she said. In addition, she is the first Venezuelan queen to get it.

In a virtual conversation with Venezuelan journalists, Zreik said that her goal, by accepting the title of Miss Venezuela Earth, was to “propose an impact: educate people about the environment and society. There is no use making Verónica Abreu roa Caracas if young people are not trained. When the pandemic allows it, I want to visit schools in Caracas and throughout the country to convey that message. I don't want to be remembered as the typical miss. I want to be remembered for my actions and not just for my beauty, "she said.

The choice of this contest was virtual, because the pandemic prevented it from taking place in Manila, as is traditional.

Given this, Zreik indicated that her career for the crown began “from the moment I was notified of my appointment. I was in Spain and I had to find a humanitarian flight to return to Venezuela. Then I had to get used to Caracas, because I'm from Valencia. Later I had to start recording the challenges and doing all the tests they asked me to ”.

All this made her define her participation as “a roller coaster. We were a production team. It wasn't just me who did it. It was a challenge with myself to overcome myself and to be able to transcend 84 candidates. Also speaking English all the time was a challenge ”.

She also spoke about the typical costume she wore, which represents the Arch of Carabobo, with which she won the competition of the Americas. “Not even the designer Carlos Pérez believed that the typical suit could win. When I saw the design I loved it, but when I tried it on, I thought I couldn't show it off because of how heavy it is. I did my best runway ”.

She stated that if she could return time to last year when she participated in the 2019 local edition, only one thing would change: “hearing so many people. Sometimes I stopped doing things to listen to others.

This time, I walked without looking to the sides. I only listened to the advice of the organization, my parents and my heart. Now to wait to go to the coronation gala "