This is what Kim Kardashian looked like under the black cloth she wore to the Met Gala

Collage photos: IG @kimkardashian and @makeupbymario

Not covered from head to toe, celebrity Kim Kardashian West neglects her appearance. After parading at the Met Gala with a black cloth that covered her face and body, the woman shared details of the preparation of her styling and makeup. But what makeup and what style? A few will ask. Those same who will go crazy, and looking sideways, when they find out about the mega production undertaken by the lady to look regal even under that pile of cloth. 

And the reality is that the 40-year-old reality star not only focused on wearing a suit, it is that this can be considered as such, from the firm Balenciaga, what is it. The socialite completed that fashion evocation of the dementors from "Harry Potter", with a ponytail that swept the ground where she stepped. Your own stylish shadow. 

Beneath the robe, Kim Kardashian took a few hours to put on her face makeup with her ever-faithful Mario Dedivanovic. And it was this who, step by step, showed the fans of the woman - on his Instagram account - the many products he used to hydrate her skin.

Read the full note and discover the magic that was mounted on top in



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