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Zapato 3 begins its South American tour 2024

The rock band announced dates in Peru, Chile and Argentina

Zapato 3, the iconic Venezuelan rock band, is back on stage with its long-awaited South America Tour 2024. After the successful Requiem Tour, with which they offered two shows in Caracas and in several cities in the country, the group embarks on a tour that promises to revive nostalgia and excite his followers throughout the continent.

La group, along with bands like Sentimiento Muerto and Desorden Público, marked an era in Venezuelan music during the 80s. Their unique sound and deep lyrics catapulted them as one of the most important groups in the country and Latin America. However, the tragic death of their drummer, Diego Márquez, changed the direction of the band and led them to explore other horizons.

The South America Tour 2024

The Zapato 3 tour will cover several countries on the continent. It will begin in Peru and culminate in Chile, with a special stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On June 2, the legendary La Trastienda club in the Argentine capital will receive the band for an unforgettable show. Fans will be able to enjoy classics and new songs in a night full of energy and passion.

Marcelo Toutin, a Chilean-Venezuelan musician with more than 30 years of experience, will accompany Zapato 3 throughout the tour.

With two albums as a soloist (“Meat of Apples” and “The Pleasure of Being Here”), Toutin is a versatile artist with influences from rock and roll, post punk and alternative rock. This will be his first time on a tour of the southern cone, and his presence promises to further enrich the experience for attendees.

A discography worthy of shaking hair

With five studio albums and two live albums, Zapato 3 has left an indelible mark in the memory of its fans.

Hits like “Where are you”, “Vampiro”, “Cuchillo” and “Azul azul” continue to resonate in the minds of those who grew up with his music and in the new generations, because in the show offered by Álvaro Segura (guitar and choirs), Carlos Segura (vocalist), Fernando Batoni (bass), Jaime Verdaguer (keyboards) and Darío Adames (drums) brought together many young people and teenagers.

His most recent production, “Zapato3 2023”, has been received with enthusiasm by critics and followers.

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