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Servando and Florentino: the fans grew up, but they are still in love

The Primera brothers offered a show that lasted more than two hours

Friday April 1. The clock marked 9:30 at night when the terrace of the CCCT was in darkness. Thousands of attendees had been waiting since the afternoon to meet again with Servando and Florentino and their voices were heard shouting in unison for the first time.

A video lyric of "Venezuela" was played on the screens and the souls that were present sang the country's sentimental anthem at the top of their lungs, and then celebrated the Venezuelans who have left their mark on the world that were mentioned in an audiovisual that gave rise to the show of the First brothers.

Expectations were overwhelmed. The stage that hosted the famous singers, their 15 musicians and special guests, gave life to an impeccable show of more than two hours: sound, screen, lights and pyrotechnics made an explosive combination with the great hits of Servando and Florentino.

It was with "The First Brothers" that the ex-Salserin came down from the roof, standing on a platform. While "Serva" appeared dressed in a black shirt and pants of the same color in patent texture, gray vest and patent yellow shoes, "Floren" did the same with wide black pants and a white shirt. Both decided to wear sunglasses for this first change, which was followed by two more, one more striking than the other.

Concert Servando and Florentino 02
Photo: ÚN Archive/ María Isabel Batista

the set list

In principle, there were 22 songs that the interpreters agreed to sing to their enamored fans, divided between talks, anecdotes and the invitation to the stage of one of their most faithful friends, Yasmil Marrufo, with whom Servando took a few moments to talk about his race and get out of the protocol to sing songs that were neither rehearsed nor on the list; among them "Stealing Blues" by Yordano, whom they remembered with special affection.

There was no song that was not accompanied by the choirs of the audience, who marveled at a performance that left the bar so long that it will be difficult to match it, so the producers of the next concerts will have to work from now on to be able to offer a memorable or at least comparable event.

"Primer amor", "Solitary boy", "I give you the moon", "Rumba in my heart" (with which they allowed themselves to improvise for a long time), A song that makes you fall in love" were part of the first set. For the second they called three women from the public (a fourth person, a girl, joined) to go up to the stage, where they installed a bed.

Between laughs they also called their "fans in love", but admitted that the "chalequeo tomorrow will not be easy", so they stayed with the ladies.

The occasion served to laugh at the memes, the jokes and viral images that circulate on social networks about them, especially the one that compares them with the Valentinos brothers and the one with the perfect face of Servando to ask for a rest.

«If I were you», «Blessed mother», «Los cachos», «I have a heart» continued, being especially chanted «Fan in love», «You are made for me», «Tell me» and «From sun to sun».

Concert Servando and Florentino 01
Photo: ÚN Archive/ María Isabel Batista

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