Sensational weddings

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Regarding famous weddings, in the 80s and 90s it was very common for the channels to televise the weddings of Venezuelan artists. Just as I count it. Figures like Catherine Fullop and Fernando Carrillo; Guillermo Dávila and Chiquinquirá Delgado; Maite Delgado and Alfonso Mora or Bárbara Palacios and Víctor Manrique, among many others, said yes live.

But the thing was not so live. Normally, the marriage was recorded the day before and then broadcast as if it were happening on Saturday. The sensational wedding not only gave the public the opportunity to feel that they shared the event; Rather, it gave the spouses the chance to buy their apartments; equip them and even enjoy the honeymoon. Because everything was paid for by the channel that made the transmission.

The marriage was prepared with time. Ricardo Peña, for example, was an ace at putting everything together so that, although recorded, it would look live. There were no major restrictions for the public to accompany their artists to church. One of the most popular marriages was that of Barbarita.

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