"Scream" reaches its fifth installment with a powerful story behind

Photo: courtesy Dimension Films

Anyone could swear that "Scream" was a sold-out story. That the setback that was given to the fourth installment of the saga, in which the excess of humor and the incredible situations definitively distanced it from the original aura, had definitively buried the Ghosteface. But no, the fifth installment is a true tribute to the first installment with overflowing creativity.

"What's your favorite scary movie?" It is once again the question with which the masked murderer breaks the ice with his future victims while raising his blood pressure in a telephone conversation. But terror no longer paralyzes them, nor does the fear of being stabbed to death.

This time the viewer has grown up in the shadow of a constant struggle that has been worn down with each stab. But his new twists turn what is expected to surprise. So that the victim no longer runs in terror but responds intelligently, hangs up the call, hits or fights facing fear as Sidney Prescott taught in his eternal battle.

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