"Run": an entertaining thriller that passes by

Photo: Courtesy Netflix

Based on a mental behavioral disorder, which typically manifests itself in adults in the care of others and is known as Munchausen syndrome, the filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty presents “Run”. The film exposes the conflict between a woman who causes her daughter physical and mental illnesses to keep her by her side, and a young woman who dreams of leading a normal life in the midst of her limitations.

For 17 years Chloe (Kiera Allen) has battled injuries and other pathological conditions suffered since birth. Over the years she has become more independent, skillful and curious, and like every adolescent she dreams of leaving the nest and going to college.

Away from the world, in a house located in the middle of nowhere, the teenager only knows the postman and her mother. He does not have a cell phone and internet access is controlled; He also has no friends and is unaware of the existence of other relatives. The distance of a normal life extends from the fact that this young woman suffers from arrhythmia, diabetes, asthma and motor disability (she is paralyzed from the waist down). Will you achieve your dream?

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