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Rubén Blades composes a theme for a film about climate change

The animated film “Mariposas negra” (Black Butterflies), about climate change and directed by the Spanish David Baute, will feature an original song composed by the Panamanian Rubén Blades, reported Variety, as reviewed by EFE.

The musician, actor and human rights activist has decided to incorporate an original song to the Spanish-Panamanian film that will have its world premiere in the Contrechamp competition of this year's Annecy Animation Festival (France).

Explaining why the film was important to him, Blades told 'Variety': “Climate change as a trigger for human immigration is an effect that has not been studied in the necessary depth. 'Black Butterflies' raises an important question: will there be a world where future generations can live?

Three stories

The winner of 12 Grammy Awards thus joins a 2D animation project that focuses on the real-world consequences of global warming, as experienced by communities in the areas most affected by the man-made phenomenon.

The film tells three separate but related stories about Lobuin, Vanesa and Soma, three women from very different parts of the world who face the same problem: climate change.

Women and their families are condemned to lose everything due to the effects of climate change and are forced to emigrate to survive.

Courtesy: tingladofilms.es

“I have always been concerned about telling stories about our environment to become more aware of our relationship with the world in which we live. I think there was no better way to show the exciting journey of these three women from such different backgrounds than through animation. Thanks to a talented technical and artistic team, we were able to do it with a beautiful aesthetic in line with the different realities of our characters,” David Baute commented to the aforementioned medium.

A job of years

Likewise, added Edmon Roch of Ikiru Films, the production company of the feature film: “David has documented these cases for years, and this film has been a revealing and fascinating journey that will not leave anyone who sees it indifferent.”

According to the specialized publication “Mariposas negra”, 80 minutes long, is also produced by Tinglado Film, Anangu Grup and the Catalan Corporation of Mitjans Audiovisuals in Spain, in collaboration with Tunche Films in Panama.

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