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In solitary! Ronald Gómez wants to make salsa with social content

The former Los Adolescente's premiered his first solo single, "Caminando"

Ronald Gómez, a former member of the Los Adolescentes orchestra, continues to make a name for himself in the music industry with his first single “Caminando”. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter is part of the Los Embajadores de la Salsa team.

“This solo stage I think is part of my maturity as an artist. It was something that I decided in parallel and in conjunction with the orchestra that I belong to, which are the Salsa Ambassadors. It is a super nice experience because you meet a lot of people, you soak up a little better in what the industry is, "Gómez told in an interview with Últimas Noticias.

The 28-year-old sonero began to be part of music from a young age with his father, Ronald Gómez, who is also a musician.

The criollo has worked with great orchestras such as La Dimensión Latina, the La Resistencia Salsera Dance Orchestra of Venezuela, the Orquesta Homenaje a Cheo Navarro and with Los Adolescentes.


“'Caminando' represents my childhood, my origin, the way of making music from my essence. What I grew up listening to with my dad. It represents everything that I have done musically since I was little, what I have heard and all those anecdotes take me back to that time and represent the salsa of before. Make it unprecedented, but with a bit of influence from musicians with experience," said Ronald, who has represented Venezuela in the United States, Peru, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico and Cuba.

“The theme has already been on the street for a month and the receptivity has been very good. The public accepted it cool and understood the concept that I wanted to send them. A message with social content, songs that are not being done often today. Lyrics for the people, for the neighborhoods as it was done before. I am very happy because there are people who identify because they remember those old songs by Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, in that vein and for me it is an honor ”she highlighted.

More of his trajectory

The Venezuelan artist with only six years of age was part of the Chiky Salsa orchestra and, thanks to his versatility, he joined the ranks of Los Adolescentes de Porfi Baloa, first as a musician and then as a vocalist. He later joined the staff of the Porfi Klan.

Ronald Eduardo Gómez Ávila, known simply as Ronald Gómez, recorded songs like “I can't live without you”, “Ya la vi” with Bailatino; and “Do not fear love”, “I have a love" with The Adolescents.

The singer is satisfied with his successes at a professional level and wishes to continue succeeding with the salsa genre inside and outside the country.

“I want to make it clear that the genre we represent has not died and is still alive. I believe that music is cyclical. Everything passes and everything comes back. Just as salsa had its peak in the 80s and 90s, merengue, bachata and right now the urban genre has it, we respect it, but keeping faith and faithfully representing the genre we are in, ”he said.

And he added: “My contribution will continue to be making good music, continuing to make salsa to make it clear to my audience and to those who are not that the genre remains alive. We continue to make good sauce. There are many exponents of salsa and since the attention is paid to the urban genre, then it is a lack of diffusion of the genre, but we are doing it”.

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