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Raúl González is proud of his transformation

The Venezuelan presenter admitted that he felt miserable inside

Raúl González is happy inside and out. The Venezuelan presenter compared his image with that of years ago and shared how happy and proud he feels for achieving the change in his appearance that has helped transform his life.

The entertainer managed to lose weight thanks to training, healthy eating and ensuring his emotional well-being. 

“Letter to me, from me… dear Raúl… Today I want to tell you how proud I am of you. Look at this photo I found when you were master of ceremonies at a gala. I remember back in 1997 when you weighed almost 300 pounds (136 kilos) and you felt miserable inside. Although on the outside you appeared to be happy, I knew that in reality you were not,” González began writing in his reflection.

“But look where you are now, 26 years later. You have made an incredible change and become a completely different person. “You have lost weight, you have improved your health and, most importantly, you have found much of the happiness you longed for,” she added.

“You have shown willpower.”

Raúl, after 18 years of fighting against being overweight, has shared the transformation he has had since his arrival on the “Despierta América” program until now.

“It has not been an easy path, but you have shown unwavering willpower and determination. "You have made sacrifices, you have worked hard, you have made mistakes, you have fallen and you have gotten up, you had surgery, you gained weight again, you had cosmetic procedures, you did and tried everything you could to achieve it," he recalled.

And he added: “At the same time, you have overcome every obstacle that has come your way. And thanks to that, today you are a new person.”

In his letter, Raúl also pointed out that he has shown that it does not matter how many times he falls because there is an opportunity to get up and change. “You have shown that it is never too late to start over and build the life you have always wanted.”

González, who was affected by obesity in many ways, as he has said, continued to thank himself for showing that anything is possible. “Thank you for teaching me that change is possible. Thank you for reminding me that true happiness comes from within. Thank you for being an example of improvement and determination.”

To finish the animator “Supercropolis”, he was grateful for managing to maintain his ideal weight while feeling good physically, mentally and spiritually.

“Keep going, Raúl. The road has not been easy, but every step you have taken has been worth it. “I am excited to see all that God and the future have in store for you,” he said.

“I came to hate my own body.”

Last May, Raúl González told how he overcame being overweight. “Obesity affected me in many ways, because since I was born I have struggled with fat. I lived as a child, a teenager, and a fat adult. In my particular case, when I reached my peak of obesity—at 300 pounds (136 kilos)—I had a health crisis that sent me straight to the hospital. All my values ​​were through the roof: cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. I had gastritis, esophagitis and a hiatal hernia. I was very scared because I didn't know what to do or where to start,” he said in an interview with People en Español.

The presenter, 50 years old, mentioned that the emotional part has been a key piece in his entire process. “The emotional part has been the most difficult to handle. I was always self-conscious because he was the chubbiest of all, and they made fun of me. I came to hate my own body, who I was, what I was like, how I looked. I grew up traumatized, depressed and frustrated. Completely self-conscious about everything: the clothes, the nicknames and the bullying.”

To achieve this, the presenter acknowledged that he had to put excuses aside. “I got tired of myself and my excuses because they didn't help me at all. They didn't let me make decisions and do what I had to do to achieve the goal of losing weight and feeling better about myself,” Raúl González recalled.

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