Disorden Público released The Year That Never Was

The band wants to visit other popular sectors

After his experience in Petare, Desorden Público received the year with the launch of The Year That Never Was, his most recent song. Horacio Blanco, lead singer of the group, said that the pandemic and quarantine have not treated them as badly as they expected.

“We have discovered that this strange weather has paid us well. We got so excited that we even recorded a song, "he said.

He explained that the theme served as a creative drain. “It was the response to that contact we have had with our fans. We rediscover the networks, in one more step in the way of understanding the audience ”.

Regarding the Petare experience, Blanco said it was exceptional. “When we saw him we said, Did all this really happen? That everything happened in such a loving way was the antonym of prejudice against the slums. We made a delivery of the art for the sector that has been marginalized ”.