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Cultura Profética premiered “Solo un echo” and promises new music

The music video for the song was shot in Amsterdam and is available on YouTube

La band Puerto Rican Cultura Profética premiered the video clip for "Solo un echo" on the afternoon of this Friday, March 17. It is a song of heartbreak that, according to Willy Rodríguez, was written some time ago.

“We are opening, corillo”, Omar Silva, guitarist and founding member of the group, celebrated at the outset in a YouTube live offered by the members of Cultura Profética minutes before the audiovisual premiere.

“I hope they are tripping as much as we are with the subject. It has been a song that began to be composed in confinement (due to covid-19) ”, detailed, meanwhile, Willy Rodríguez, vocalist of the quartet.

During the live, to which more than 7 people from all corners of the world were connected, the singer said that it was a delight to make the song and remembered the Macedonian orchestra "recording those masterful strings" for "Just an echo", an experience that he described as incredible.

story of an echo

“I think that if art has to be explained, it doesn't work. The story of a song makes it their own and that's the beauty of it. I prefer a thousand times that Silvio not explain to me what he means when he says that his blue unicorn was lost and for each of us the unicorn is different. That is the magic of music and poetry in general”, considered Willy when asked to tell what the song means.

The meeting with the fans through YouTube was propitious for the also bassist to comment that “Solo un echo” was written two years ago, more or less, and had the production of the “great Brandon Cores”.

They also detailed that the clip was recorded in Amsterdam (Holland), a country they visited in 2022 when they celebrated the tour for their 25 years of training.

“We were able to take advantage of a few days between shows to record this beautiful video. There's something crazy about the visuals and the music, that you can have an idea of ​​what you want, but it's not always what you imagine. In this case, we chose a female director and I say this with great joy, because I feel that the feminine touch was very important for this topic, exposed from the masculine side... It was a way of finding the balance", stressed the interpreter of "Intense Days". , “The night vibrates”, “From my chair” and “A wish”.

“I hope they are connecting. I really think we don't make songs thinking about singles or sticks. We make music and I believe that a song has such immense value that it can mark you at some point and remain forever, that's the idea. The songs either hit or they don't hit, and while playing you can make a song that is very catchy like 'Take out, turn on and surprise', but in a certain way I think it's much more beautiful when you manage to connect with energy and transmit it correctly in every song and that's what we prefer to do. I hope you are satisfied and connected with us”, concluded the voice of Cultura Profética.

More music

“People, thanks for the love. We are preparing new songs and we are in our studio, which is on the verge of caramel… this year there is fruit, there is a harvest”, said Omar.

For now, they are preparing to perform in concert in several Latin American countries, such as El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, among others.

It must be remembered that the most recent visit of Cultura Profética to our country was in 2022. The Latin Grammy winners visited Valencia and Caracas, after a long absence, and offered massive shows at the Valencia Forum and on the terrace of the Shopping Center Tamanaco City.

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